February 5, 2023

A reliable and accurate billing system is essential for all businesses offering subscription-based services like Telecom companies (wholesale VoIP SMS OTT, MVNO, Retail VoIP mobile VoIP), IoT companies and data centers, cloud services, and many more.

We’ve been involved in many diverse projects, from start-ups with non-standard specifications to large companies that have decided to upgrade their old billing system with a more effective solution.

In all cases, the input requirements for these services differ significantly, and deciding on the best system isn’t easy. In our September issue of posts, we’ll discuss the things you must consider when selecting a billing method to avoid typical problems and potential loss.

Why is Billing System necessary?

Billing systems are an essential part of the business of communications. These systems collect information regarding the services used by subscribers and the payment made, monitor your account balance, and track credit availability. 

Through changes to the billing choices, advertising campaigns can be in place for the operator’s customers, discounts are given, and particular financial requirements of the subscribers are considered.

Billing does more than connect and deactivates services but also records the entire historical consumption history of the services. By processing and analysing this information, it’s possible to design loyalty programs and control money flow from the subscriber base. Selecting high-quality solutions is crucial in managing the company’s markets and revenue flow.

Making a system like this on your own is complex, lengthy, and expensive. Choosing an external service that will fulfil the requirements of a business isn’t always easy.

  • Billing System: A Problem of Choice

There are various billing systems in the marketplace, each with its pros and cons, along with supporters and dissidents. 

A wealth of information on multiple options is scattered across numerous forums and websites. It’s challenging to know what needs to be considered when choosing a system for billing and a long-term business partner.

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We’ll also discuss important aspects to consider before deciding to begin working with a specific billing system.

  • Intelligence of Architecture

The high quality of its design can judge the system’s quality. It is usually in this field that significant issues with self-written solutions arise, but in the billing sequence, there are design flaws. It is something you need to be looking out for when you are evaluating the structure that the software uses.

  • Technologies used

Since billing is a process that directly affects the business of a telecommunications operator and is chosen for the foreseeable future, It is crucial to understand the technology the product is based on and how it can be scaled and re-configured to accommodate the expansion of the customer base as well as variations in usage patterns.

  • Deployment

Implementing the billing system is a complicated procedure where mistakes can result in future problems with customer service or financial losses. Therefore, it is recommended that billing software developers provide users support in the creation and implementation.

  • Functionality

In the past couple of years, competition in the telecom industry has risen dramatically. A time of rapid growth that saw a considerable number of users who are not reached, and payments are no longer a reality. 

Nowadays, you can only gain new customers by encouraging them to switch providers. It means that you must be aware of how the billing system will be a part of various marketing tools that can assist in attracting new customers.

  • Flexible Customization

Each billing system cannot operate under constant changes to various parameters. For instance, the marketing strategies of certain providers include developing numerous tariff plans. 

Knowing the combinations of services that attract users the most and allow for the highest revenue level is essential. 

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If the works are conducted continuously and frequently, there’s an urgent need to eliminate unproductive tariffs and replace them with new plans. 

If there is no support for a flexible configuration could be extremely difficult for an administrator to manage the billing system effectively and avoid mistakes or failures.

  • Quality of Support

Billing is an integral component of an operator’s business strategy and procedure. So, it is essential to solving any issues that arise with the help of developers. 

The speed and quality of billing creator support service are among the crucial aspects to consider when selecting a billing service provider.

  • Cost and flexibility of pricing

Alongside the strictly operational and technical issues, in the end, the decision to select a specific system is influenced by its cost. Billing may be free and open or closed and costly, and in various situations, choosing any of these alternatives is possible.


A billing solution is an essential choice for any communication service provider since this will be the center of the entire business process. So, the evaluation of different options must conduct with care. Don’t hesitate to ask other systems developers many questions about their products and services.

There’s nothing incorrect with, for instance, seeking out customer numbers, how big their company is, and the location of their business, and requesting contact information with other customers to get feedback regarding their experience working with the system. 

Additionally, it is essential to be aware of the developer’s developments, as this could influence the company’s business. 

Suppose a city service provider purchases the billing system of the company that intends to sell the operation to an international company. In that case, there are numerous questions about what happens to the assistance available following this purchase.

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