February 2, 2023

The Picuki web tool allows us to see the publications of Instagram contacts without having to sign up on the platform nor open our session in a fast, simple and free manner..

With this web page, you can use it in different ways and take advantage of the different tools it provides us, all without paying or wasting time.

It has options for browsing, checking followers, seeing stories, posts, locations, tags, and all kinds of content. All of this is completely free of charge and for an unlimited amount of time.

You may think that this tool will be very complicated, despite the fact that it sounds very attractive. The truth is, it is very easy to use, and to make sure you understand how it works, we will explain how it works now.

Picuki for Instagram: how to use it?

In addition to its clean and intuitive interface, Picuki makes it quite easy to view and edit content on Instagram with this web tool, thanks to its ability to view and edit Instagram content in a very simple way. Alternatively, once we have entered the page, all we have to do is type the name of the account we are seeking into the search bar.

After you add the keywords to your username, you will see accounts that include those keywords. By typing in the name of the user you are looking for, you will be able to access all of their information without logging in or having an account. Nevertheless, this social network also gives you the opportunity to visit any Instagram tag and see what topics are covered there.

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Downloading Instagram images from a profile is as simple as clicking on it and downloading the image. In this free tool, you will see some advertising when you make a query due to the fact that it is free. However, the advertising shouldn’t adversely affect your experience on the platform, as it’s not so intrusive.

Picuki’s Privacy

Picuki’s privacy protections are assured by the company itself: “All content for Instagram is owned by Instagram, none is hosted by Picuki.” Picuki offers easy viewing and editing of public Instagram content. If you wish to keep your Instagram content hidden from the public, you can easily do so by making your account private.

The platform warns that, while we can delete content from a profile through Picuki, other similar tools will still be able to access the content, reminding us that the only way to hide or delete content is to make our profile completely private. Furthermore, there is a form for users who wish to remove their content from Picuki. Approximately 2-3 business days after the content has been removed, it will be removed.


Picuki is a great tool that allows you to view and download anonymously content from Instagram profiles of many people, as we have already stated. Other many entertainment apps like ifvod tv, applob etc. available.There is no doubt that a large number of users will take advantage of this advantage in order to enjoy a great experience.

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