February 4, 2023
paranoid schizophrenia

The paranoid schizophrenia is known to be a characteristic or a symptom that shows the people facing or experiencing any kind of delusions or hallucinations in the mind and also in their life. 

paranoid schizophrenia is considered to be a very thin line between what exactly is real in their life and what exactly they are themselves imagining and experiencing in their life. 

It is generally known to be a very difficult phase or situation of a person’s life in which he faces a lot of difficulties in leading a normal and a general happy life when compared to other people.

This situation is known to be a very difficult as well as a very worst situation of a person’s life as this becomes a very uncontrollable thing that a person faces or experiences. 

That is why it has been said that paranoid schizophrenia makes it difficult for people and also confuses them about what exactly is real and what exactly is not. 

It has been said that almost approximately 1.1 percent of the population of all across the world faces paranoid schizo phrenia issues. Therefore it is known to be one of the most difficult and the most unpredictable kinds of the disease or disorder in the human beings.

Plus in addition to this we can also say that the average age of facing paranoid schizophrenia, particular disease or disorder in the human beings is known to be early or initial of their adulthood or either the age of teenagers, which is somewhere between 17 years to somewhere around 35 years on an average basis. however this may differentiate with the other numbers available over the internet provided by the experts. 

According to the experts, it has been said that it is very uncommon and unusual and is not seen at all that this particular problem or disorder has been diagnosed or even seen in the human beings with an age of less than 16 years old or an age of more than 40 years of age.

paranoid schizophrenia particular issue is being seen to come earlier and before in the life of men rather than life of females. It is comparatively seen that men are more affected with this particular disorder rather than females. Yes! females are also being affected with this particular paranoid schizo phrenia but comparatively lesser than men.

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Now you must be thinking that what all are the symptoms of the paranoid schizophrenia disease, issue or the disorder through which you can understand that how can you be differentiating this particular disorder from any other kind of symptom or disorders.

So here in this particular article we are going to discuss some of the symptoms that you might see very often or very commonly while facing paranoid schizo phrenia particular issue or the disorder. 

Some of the major symptoms or disorders that you might see and also might face with the paranoid schizophrenia disorder are mentioned here.

So, basically these might also differ from person to person and personality to personality. however some of the symptoms are considered to be very common for all the people all across the globe.

  1. You might feel a bit of irritated or even we can also say that troubled when socialising with your friends or family or anyone.
  2. You will face a lack of sleep or even a troubled sleeping on a regular basis.
  3. A sense of irritability might also be seen in this paranoid schizophrenia disorder or an issue in the human beings.

Moreover, There are a lot of a negative symptoms of the paranoid schizophrenia thing also are there such as you might feel the following things or experiences: 

  1. You might feel a lack of motivation in your life and you do not find any kind of motive of living in your life and face a lot of difficulty in the same.
  2. You might feel that you can not pay attention to the details of the things. 
  3. You also try to isolate yourself completely from the social gatherings or meeting with people or having a chit chat with them. 

Now below mentioned symptoms are considered to be very common and very often seen kind of the symptoms and which are also considered to be alarming for you for your family members when you see these type of symptoms you should and definitely go to the doctor and seek the guidance of them.

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  1. You might feel that seeing anything or hearing anything or even tasting anything is not proper and a sense of feeling of difficulty in doing this. while on the other hand at the same place some of the people are enjoying these particular things and you are facing the difficulty. then you need to take a proper guidance.
  2. feeling or an intuition that other peoples might harm you or any kind of fear they will give you or anything else if you feel from others intentions. then also this is a major alarming issue for all.
  3. Feeling any kind of unusual thoughts and believes in your mind and continuing believing in those is also considered to be a very alarming situation for all the people. 
  4. You might also face a very difficulty in thinking about anything clearly and properly in the regular life and day to day life.
  5. You will try to cut all your relations or withdraw your friendships and everything from your family and friends and you will isolate yourself completely. then it is also an alarming situation for your family members to take you to the doctor and take a proper guidance on the same.
  6. There will certainly be a great decline and a trouble in taking care of yourself, which means self care will be a problem for a person then also it is an alarm in that situation for that person.

There are many more symptoms of the paranoid schizophrenia disorder and issue in the human beings. But majorly it differs from person to person so it can not be explained in the public forum. The most of the symptoms and treatment will be given and explained to you by your doctor or health experts.

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