February 3, 2023
Web3 Markeitng

Web3 Markeitng

The growth of the Web3 ecosystem has been phenomenal since blockchains went mainstream, as these distributed digital ledgers shape the virtual world from the ground up. Even though the reason for Web3 becoming popular is the massive user influx, one should know that such levels of engagement are primarily due to huge levels of efforts put into promoting Web3 businesses. There are a thousand ways to market ventures in Web3, and at least half of them work, and only a handful of them are successful in driving engagement levels. Discord marketing has been one of such successful Web3 marketing tactics, and we will see more about its usage in promotions in this blog.

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A Brief Introduction to Discord

Discord is a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol platform with text, voice, and video communicability developed in 2015 by Stan Vishnevskiy and Jason Citron. Initially started as a platform for communication between hardcore gamers, Discord has become more diverse with time.

Currently, it has been one of the popular hubs for Web3 enthusiasts after restrictions put forth by mainstream social media platforms related to Web3 advertisements. Discord had its Web3 user influx also due to its unique and futuristic features that enabled a multi-faceted community communication experience. The platform works on browsers, personal computers, and smartphones, which makes it accessible to everyone.

How Do Discord’s Unique Features Help in Web3 Marketing?

Discord has servers similar to channels in Telegram, which work as a community base for Web3 businesses. You can run your own servers on Discord as well as participate in other general Web3 servers to reach prospective customers. Experienced Discord marketers can help companies to accomplish such tasks with ease to increase user engagement.

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Also, channels in Discord are effectively sub-servers where subject-wise content can be sent. A business can have individual channels for discussions, customer queries, and announcements. Voice and video streaming channels can be helpful for AMA sessions. It takes skilled Discord marketers to moderate channels to make businesses flourish.

Additionally, Discord has a wide variety of bots that can be used on servers to automate mundane tasks such as welcoming members, initiating conversations through memes, jokes, and riddles, and recommending music. Using bots needs moderators to be experienced since defining bot roles needs a lot of planning.

Discord allows animated stickers and GIFs whose availability will be based on the account’s status (Classic/Nitro). Also, the status dictates the quality of video streams and the number of servers one can part of.

Web3 Marketing Methods that Work on Discord

  • For Web3 ventures, Discord can be the ideal platform to interact with their community through official servers, as the platform allows a huge number of people to be present on a server. Using Discord servers, they can promote their ventures in various ways.
  • Businesses can organize giveaways or whitelist access to their Discord communities and even reward active followers with moderator duties that allow increasing engagement.
  • Web3 businesses also utilize Discord to bridge the gap between the management and customers through voice-based AMA sessions and video streams.
  • Discord marketing also concentrates on solving customer queries through dedicated channels and direct messaging options.
  • As far as fan engagement is concerned, representatives of a Web3-based business firm can join such fanatic servers to increase engagement and loyalty among customers.
  • Also, the non-algorithmic nature of Discord allows all messages to be displayed in chronological order, meaning that members would not miss any message, and important messages can be pinned to be visible prominently on the server.
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Why is it Better to Work with an Experienced Discord Marketing Agency?

An experienced Discord marketing agency helps businesses establish and maintain a strong community base on the platform, which is a tough task if you are new to it. While using outsiders to manage one of your social media channels might sound unethical, it is not, as it is more affordable than training individuals to work on Discord.

Also, experienced Discord marketers can handle unprecedented situations most Web3 businesses face, such as a decrease in token value or errors in smart contracts. Also, you can witness a huge rise in engagement rates if you use Discord extremely well by covering all bases, including interaction in and out of your official servers, queries, giveaways, AMA sessions, and more. Using the platform extensively requires a lot of expertise and knowing Discord in and out, which means professional Discord marketing agencies score more in promoting your business.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, we can say that Discord marketing has occupied a pivotal spot in Web3 promotions due to the platform’s popularity among Web3 enthusiasts. The platform benefits businesses through its one-of-a-kind features, in spite of Discord not having algorithms or marketing pathways.

If you have a Web3-based business and want to establish a loyal customer base, Discord is the best choice, and you should consider working with a well-known Discord marketing company to reach the masses. Such an agency will help you with their knowledge and experience in marketing to use creative promotional tactics to manage your customer community.

Also, such a company would understand your business in detail to craft a relevant Discord marketing plan and execute it to perfection. So, get in touch with one such agency to start expanding your venture on Discord.

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