February 3, 2023
Ways To Improve Your Child's Reading Skills

Most kids need about 20 minutes of literacy development before they enter school, so shorter sessions are important.

However, research has shown that children who read more often develop language skills faster, understand books better, and interact with readers more readily.

Make sure you’re not pressuring your child to learn to read; make it fun. Try using story time as a way to build confidence and ease them into short text stories and then chapter readings.  

Telling a story can start a dialogue in your house, which means opportunities for learning everywhere. You can also take small steps such as telling a book title, telling a sentence or two from a page, or explaining how a poem gets its rhythms. 

By having discussions along these lines, you’ll be making contributions to your kid’s education even while they’re still putting their shoes on in the morning.

Keep books around the house

Child Reading Book

Now, this may seem pretty obvious, but many parents don’t realize how important it is to keep reading material around the house. If a child has no access to books, they will lose the ability to read! This happens because wi, without exposure to words, they can’t repeat word sounds or learn what letters make up each sound.

Once children know what letters are, they can read. But if they don’t, they’ll remain at the grade level of about a third-grade reading degree.

So make sure any kids in your family who want to read have lots of opportunities to do so. Store quality reads in your home as well as in the parent room (so that when you’re not looking, they check them out and get to reading).

Let them listen to audiobook, some are free online. It helps build confidence and a love for reading. And why not? They’re listening to stories with good characters, interesting plots even lessons within them.

Join groups such as mommy forums and kid societies where people communicate thoughts and ideas. Open conversations help develop the understanding that coming from someone else gives.

Let your child “read to you”

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Many kids love to read but don’t use it much themselves. You can help them get used to reading as a way of spending time with you (and vice versa).

You can take them to the library or have them make an online search for books they want to read. By letting your children read to you, not only do they getting used to reading, but they also are learning about the importance of early literacy skills such as recognition and repetition.

Also try giving away some of your old things in told a sense of urgency around collecting something new — like making sure their food inside that toy someone just bought. This helps create a feeling of excitement which motivates them to keep playing with whatever it was they already had.

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Sit down and have conversations with your child

8 Ways to Improve your child's reading skills

Lessons are are often run by parents, which can be beneficial if you are not already doing so. It provides control over learning activities as well as introducing non-teaching tasks like playing games and talking about books.

Regularly sitting down and having a conversation shows that someone cares enough to take time for a discussion. They set up the conversation focusing on what matters to them, which in turn helps build trust.

Also making time away from work or school allows your child to spend quality time with both you and their other parent(s). This way they can discuss things together, but also learn how to be alone.

Trust is an important component of relationships, especially between children and their caregivers. If you do not get out much, it will be difficult to develop strong connections at home.

By putting in the effort to go out more, you help create a foundation for future interactions with your family. You also allow your kids to grow up experiencing different people, places, values, and ideas.

This helps make them better citizens when they grow up and enables them to accept various beliefs and cultures. Both are very needed qualities these days!

Ask your child questions about their day

One of the most common things people do to improve their children’s reading skills is to ask questions about their day. It can be anything from “What did you eat for breakfast?”, to “How much money does your mom make per hour?”

You are taking advantage of your child’s desire to tell others about his or her day. By doing this, he or she will also be telling you more about how they feel about our country, about the school pool, about friends, etc.

Also, asking questions helps keep interactions social. Children love to talk about themselves with other adults.

Finally, asking open-ended questions allows your child to answer confidently and with accuracy. This inspires them to think critically and explain answers make them confident in what they know.

Give your child candy or cheese as rewards

Ways to Improve your child's reading skills

While not exactly rewarding, teachers might agree that giving children “candy” or sweets can be used as a reward for doing something.

Similar to foods, many activities have toys or games that promote certain behaviors such as brushing teeth, going to sleep, or reading.

Giving kids an occasional treat helps get attention but what if you gave them constantly? Well, they would get bored easily of with these small rewards so we will talk about how to use books as a reward.

Many times parents find it difficult to encourage their children to read because they are uninterested in the subject themselves. When asked why most adults say that they were never given a book to read. So, they did not realize the pleasure reading could give them.

By having children read materials without voices, their interest in reading is established early. Then, after reading stories and seeing pictures, they understand the joy of telling stories yourself.

Give each child opportunities to tell stories. Let them act out things from their childhood days or make up a story based on recent events. This creates an opportunity to connect with the family unit and build lifelong memories.

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Provide plenty of opportunities for your child to read

10 Ways to Improve your child's reading skills

There are so many ways to encourage reading in your child. You can’t expect them to read well if you don’t provide lots of op opportunities for them to do so.

There are books at the library, group activities at school, after-school programs, and family adventures around town. Find or create ways for your children to read so they can enjoy being a reader themselves.

Reading is such an enjoyable experience when you do it with someone else, so try to spend as much time sharing stories with your kids as possible.

Let them read things like chapters out of a book, have them write their owners, and organize play dates and parties where they can invite friends over and let them talk about what they love most (reading included!).

They’ll get more interested in reading once they associate it with other people and fun experiences. A few easy additions to your daily routine will make getting into a book easier for your child:

Keep fiction and fantasy books around

10 Ways to Improve your child's reading skills

It’s hard to convince kids that they like reading if there are no good books to read.

Most children will want to read stories that focus on imagination, such as superhero novels or fairy tales.

However, even if your child is not convinced yet, you can help them understand the importance of reading. You can do this by keeping comics and nonfiction books around.

These should be readable at a distance, the ad should have interesting layouts. If you know your child likes something (such as baseball), introduce them to some informative books about it.

The general idea here is to present your kid with information-based hobbies that interest them. Once they’ve explored the topic enough to have an interest in it, you can then move on to proving their reading skills.

Read to your child from childhood

10 Ways to Improve your child's reading skills

Most parents want so much for their children, especially when it comes to sports. We push them to keep up with the latest and greatest sports activities/games.

We also try to get them involved in some type of activity or club that is popular these days. All very good things, but they’re not the best thing for our kids going into adulthood.

The most important thing we can do to help improve our kid’s skills as readers are being read to them. From before birth all through age two, read to your child every day. Make reading a fun family experience by trying new books, places, and routines.

Not only does this build confidence in how to spell words, but it also aches his with language development, understanding of story structure, and motivation to learn more.

When adults are reading, learning, and literacy-wise speaking, they are acting on people’s lives for the better. That’s because conversations about what matters to you develop thinking skills, empathy, and accountability.

Reading together is where relationships grow; go ahead and invest time in building a relationship over throughout different stories, at different levels.

It will pay off down the road…

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