February 3, 2023

Twin Diamond Gadgets company deliberates that we may connect with the sea and hear the voice of the ocean together by conch. We think that by using the Earbuds of Twin Diamond Gadgets, we can hear users’ voices and share the beauty of their voices. 

The Earbuds of Twin Diamond Gadgets firm are the sound’s messenger and the means by which we connect with our audience. We strive to be one of the top companies in the global ODM solution and smart & sports consumables market.

What does Twin Diamond Gadgets offer in their Earbuds?

The Earbuds normally come in one size and are composed of plastic. Depending on how your ears are shaped, these traits may fit loosely or be uncomfortable. They frequently separate as a result of this, especially when exercising. This could be a benefit for you depending on your way of living. Earbuds allow you to be more conscious of your environs while wandering inner city and sauntering nearby the boulevards. However, earbuds are the ideal option if music quality is your first concern because the background noise results in lesser bass. Additionally, you must play your music loud enough to drown out outside sounds.

Without any noise, feel the beat !!!

Wearing the Twin Diamond Gadgets Earbuds activates noise cancellation mode immediately. There are a few specs of Earbuds that discuss below: 

  • Bluetooth earbuds with -30 dB ANC
  • Cancellation of ringing calls
  • Game Mode
  • 30 hours of battery life
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Remain modern and enthusiastic with Smart Watch by Twin Diamond Gadgets

  • You can clearly monitor the time, all-day activity data, and health data on the new sophisticated Smart Watch that Twin Diamond Gadgets has developed. This Watch is features a full-touch immense display with maximum resolution and premier quality. UI dynamic dial and custom dial support Exacting fitness monitor Smart Watch is a multipurpose sport watch that offers over 20 different sports activities, like swimming, running, cycling, badminton, walking, basketball, rugby, football, tennis, baseball, the oval trainer, golf, rowing machines, dumbbells, and sit-ups. Keep a precise record of your workout progress, with steps taken, calories burnt, distance traveled, etc. 
  • To have a better understanding of your health, you may access these statistics immediately on your watch. You should rationally modify your way of living.
  • Now you can swim in a pool even you can track your swimming with this amazing waterproof Smart Watch. Waterproof Fitness Watch & Long-Lasting Battery (Note: Not good for saunas or diving; do not use in hot water.) a built-in 350 mAh battery that requires only two hours to fully recharge and provides usage for seven to ten days. The watch’s lifespan may be increased by its large capacity and low battery consumption, and you can change the screen brightness as necessary.

Final Conclusion:

Additional useful functions of the Smart Watch include a weather forecast, music controls, a timer, an alarm, a sedentary reminder, breathing exercises, and theatre mode. Noise cancellation mode is automatically activated when the Twin Diamond Gadgets Earbuds are worn. 

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