February 3, 2023

Fort Lauderdale is well-known for pristine white sandy beaches, thrilling sports (especially 

boating), arts, and various food. When one has to decide which town to visit: Fort Lauderdale or Miami, they tend to choose Miami because literally, everyone talks about it. That’s true that Miami is a more popular place, but Fort Lauderdale is increasingly being called a relaxed coastal city, where you are at ease almost all the time. 

This time, we are ready to show you our top 7 best places to eat out, so you can fully enjoy the “city’s taste”.

1. Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill

Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill is a family-founded restaurant that specializes in burgers, wings, ribs, seafood, salads, and handmade desserts. 

The visitors often compare eating there with arriving for lunch at an old friend’s house.  You should definitely taste amazingly juicy and delicious burgers there. Another thing you need to try is their chocolate chip cookie. They warmed it up before bringing it to your table. A cookie just melts in your mouth – the type of experience you should get! If you are in the area, you must stop in. 

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2. Secret Garden at Pillars Hotel

This elegant harbor side restaurant exudes classic Floridian warm elegance. White panes complement the magnificent tropical facade and provide an excellent panoramic view of the ocean. Enjoying the sunset while savoring its delicious food is divine. Although the menu isn’t too big, that’s rather a benefit – every dish is served thoroughly. We recommend you to try scallops and lamb here – definitely commendable! If you’re looking for a peaceful place for a touch of privacy with yourself or a soulmate – that one is perfect.

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3. Laspada’s Hoagies

Did you know about this signature American dish? However, that is closer to the term “specialty”. Laspada’s Hoagies makes exceptional hoagies, also known as submarine sandwiches. You may expect a lightning-fast service there. Sandwiches are very big and have lots of toppings in them. A wide variety of products to put in – from fish to different cheese and meat types. Our favorite is the Italian special with tomatoes and beef. In case you don’t want to go out, the sandwich can be delivered right to your place!

4. La Dolce Vita

Do you like Italian cuisine? If yes, welcome to La Dolce Vita! Situated right in the center of the city’s historic retail and cultural area. Quiet, low-key atmosphere, impeccable and attentive service, and the food, once you try it your mouth can’t stop watering! The restaurant has homemade pasta, amazing truffle dishes, and specials out of this world. They have plenty of vegetarian options too. What can we add? People just raving about the entire experience, that says it all! This is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner, dinner with friends, or family meal. 

5. Café Seville

Cafe Seville is consistently a very good dining experience from the greeting when entering to the servers and even when leaving. The menu is extremely broad with many offerings and possibilities – should you prefer a different sauce than in the description, just ask and they are happy to make a change. Try out the Santa Fe sauce with paella in traditional or seafood style. Top it all off with Tres Leches and some outstanding dessert, for example, tiramisu! 

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Want a fish course? No problem, eat the Bronzini Franchise or The Red Snapper.

6. Canyon Southwest Café

 You’d be impressed by how sensorial the food is there! Everything has amazing texture and flavors. The top-class server would make you comfortable. The ambiance, food, and beverages wouldn’t disappoint you. You just must try the prickly pear margaritas and bread pudding for dessert! Rent a car in the USA to move between destinations quickly.

7. Tropical Acres Steakhouse

Last, but not least! Classic Florida spot that feels like stepping back in time in a good way. Live piano music is a very nice touch that not every restaurant has nowadays, it contributes to this feeling. One more family restaurant on our list. As you can assume from the name, the steaks here are ones of the highlights, along with the old Florida vibe. Great service and plenty of self-parking. It’s particularly good if you consider FLL cars for rent. Overall, this is a must to visit if you fall in love with steaks and Mediterranean cuisine.

That was our top 7, hope you’d be able to check out personally our enthusiastic reviews. Enjoy your meal!

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