February 3, 2023
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Digital transformation has seen massive changes in the past decade. However, during the pandemic period, digitization struck a whole new level. Numerous consumers chose online media as their source of entertainment while being confined to their homes for an extended period of time.

However, this post-pandemic era in digital media has given rise to new trends in their eCommerce shopping behaviour. That resulted from customers being able to access, share and utilize information from their personal spaces in the comfort of their homes. Web Design Company in Sunshine Coast assists you in managing and staying updated with these 2022 website design trends. 

Web Design Company in Sunshine Coast

Trends Followed By Web Design Company in Sunshine Coast

1. Highlighting Indoor products

With the advent of work-from-home culture across the globe, people are rethinking their lifestyles. With this increasing demand for indoor activities, people are purchasing related products like home decor, interior design products, home furniture, and much more. eCommerce Websites using assistance from Web Design Companies on Sunshine Coast emphasize such products in their web design styles.

2. Socio-cultural impact

The eCommerce web design trends 2022 have also been influenced by socio-cultural movements such as the LGBTQ community rights, African American community, and more. Sections of such community-based products in Walmart and other eCommerce sites are becoming increasingly popular and these community-based sections showcase brand products that emphasize these socio-cultural movements. Companies offering services of Web Design can assist you in implementing such designs in your websites.

3. Increased Donate Buttons

Some eCommerce sites like eBay have added a donate button on their websites to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. They are working towards raising funds for The American Red Cross, Nova Ukraine, and Save the Children through their customers. Now customers can donate some amount to these funds while checking out their purchase items and making payments.

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4. Engaging Slide Bars

Engaging slide bars with both vertical and horizontal slide options are also noticeably becoming popular among eCommerce web design styles this year. With a visible shift from more dynamic to static slide bars, eCommerce sites are working towards enhancing the user interface and customer experience of their websites. It has further improved website speed and performance.

5. Expanding Customer Support

This trend of expanding customer service options has increased manifold with numerous eCommerce giants enabling FinTech payment methods, wallets, and more by luring customers via special offers. Apart from this trend, eCommerce sites are also adding Personalised Health services, home services, and more to their menu bar, as they have increasingly been in demand during the post-pandemic period. Leveraging the eCommerce sites that offer custom gifts, cakes, and other decor services is also a great idea to capture the current market trends and meet consumer demands.

6. WFH Product Features

One of the excellent features of web design trends is Amazon’s #FoundItOnAmazon menu with various Styling, travel, decor, and, most importantly, a work-from-home (WFH) sub-menu feature. Numerous eCommerce websites offer loungewear sets, home offices, gift sets, office stationeries, and decor products. Content creator findings, desk furniture, home exercise, and WFH books are also being offered at these sites.

7. Covid-19 Menu Bar

The post-pandemic world is more cautious and health-conscious. With this trend, eCommerce websites are adding Covid-19 menu bars are trending this year. These sites offer Covid-19 testing kits, cold and cough-related healthcare products, baby health products, facemasks, gloves, pulse oximeters, vaccination stores, and more are some of the features added in this menu option.

8. Empowering Communities

Another feature of eCommerce sites is the recognition of community-based products. Local stores, small shops, and communities are being recognized on various eCommerce sites like Walmart, and products offered by such groups are being sold on such sites. This trend of community engagement on eCommerce sites is a great way of attracting valuable customers to your site who love local brands and their products and wish to purchase them digitally. This web design feature also empowers local stores and improves their businesses, nurturing community support. 

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9. Closing Communication Channel

So customers visit your websites but have not purchased any product or didn’t take any action? A closed communication model with a feedback button can help you find why? Apart from a feedback button, eCommerce sites also use subscription and membership features extensively on their web pages to interact with customers. This feature also assists in retaining valuable customers. Amazon’s personalized suggestions with a sign-in feature towards the end of the site, eBay’s social media connect, and other options help complete the communication channel between you and the customer. It also assists in understanding customer needs. 

10. Decreasing Chatbot Features

Have you noticed the relevance of chatbot features on eCommerce sites? The usage of chatbots on eCommerce platforms is decreasing, and poor user experience is the reason behind it. Did you know that at least 32% of potential customers would walk away from a brand after just one bad experience with them? Customer experience is a cornerstone of brand strategy: 73% of potential customers said it hugely impacted their purchasing decisions. Moreover, reports suggest that at least 75% of customers seek more human contact when they shop online.

Wondering how to incorporate these web design trends of 2022 into your website? There are numerous Web Design Companies on Sunshine Coast that will assist you in fulfilling this purpose. These companies will help you achieve your web design and development goals.

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