February 3, 2023

It can be difficult to get calls or interviews. The recruiter will almost always ask you why you are at this stage of unemployment and what you did during that time.

It is best to plan. A big gap between your last job and the interview call for the new job does not make you a better person or professional. This does not need to be a deciding factor in hiring.

We gather 10 tips to help you prepare for your job interview and re-enter successfully the job market. Also, you might be interested to check this information 6 signs the job interview went well.

Positive attitude

It can be hard to maintain a positive attitude after a period of unemployment. While it can be frustrating, you can still make a difference in the future. Nobody wants to hire someone resentful, embarrassed, or defeated.

Be truthful

Human Resources specialists understand that the economic and labor landscapes are complex. They will not judge you. Instead, they will be grateful that you can explain any mistakes in your resume honestly and without exaggeration. Practice so that you can convey your message calmly, confidently, and with eye contact.

Explain only what is required

It’s important to be truthful, but you don’t have to give too much information about why you left your job or why. If asked, only give details. To exalt your performance and skills in front of an interviewer, you should not just explain that you were fired because of restructuring or a merger.

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Don’t be negative about your previous job

It is best to channel your anger into your boxing or yoga classes if your reason for leaving was because of injustice. You should not speak negatively about the company, your ex-boss, or your former colleagues in your interview.

This will make you look bad. The recruiter will question your integrity and ethics if you show resentment. Instead, he will mention how much you have learned from that job and how grateful you were to have had the opportunity.

Please share your accomplishments

Add at least two achievements to each experience on your resume. These should include a description of the challenge, the actions taken, and the results achieved. Highlight the skills that you used to accomplish it.

Bring the conversation to the future

You may notice that the discussion is too focused on the period you didn’t work on. Talk about how excited you are to return to work, what you would do if given the job, as well as how you would contribute towards achieving the company’s goals.

Find out more about the company

You should research as much information as possible about the company you are interested in. Mention any training or courses you’ve taken to enhance your skills and knowledge. This will give you points.

Stand out and be the best

Take the time to review the job description and requirements. Then, make a list of skills that you can use to fulfill or exceed those requirements. This will make it easier to write your cover letter and help you get along well during interviews.

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It is not urgent

It is not a good idea to think that every job is better than all others. A recruiter shouldn’t think you are desperate or that this is your motivation for applying for the job. Instead of focusing on the salary you want, highlight your skills.

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