February 8, 2023
10 Tips to Face Your CBSE Board Exams with Confidence

The CBSE board examination of classes 10th and 12th will start soon, and students are now focusing on the preparations.  There are many things that students need to focus on and which are taught in the best CBSE Schools to prepare for the board examination.  Below we have to enlighten you on the essential details required to ace the board examination with your help confidently.

Tips to prepare well and face board examination with confidence

Board examinations of 10th and 12th are the challenging phases in every student’s life as it sets the base for future careers and accomplishments.  It is vital to follow tips to ace your CBSE board examination with a great score.  The best CBSE School in Thane West helps students prepare with it.  Below are some tips to follow:

  1. Cover syllabus on time

The first tip to ace your board examination is to start preparing by following class lessons properly and systematically covering the entire syllabus.  Find out chapter-wise marking schemes for all subjects and prepare accordingly.  The best CBSE School helps you to prepare well by providing proper marking schemes and study material.

  • Filter important topics

Students need to collect relevant topics and keep all the important notes together for last-minute revision.  Seek all important topics from NCERT books, as most exam papers are based on them only.  The best CBSE School in Thane West helps students by providing them with important notes.

  • Use flashcards

Flashcards are the best way to memorize, and they also help to reduce important topics into diverse bullet points, lists, formulas, and diagrams.  Where ever you place flashcards will act like memory triggers and which will assist you in enhancing your ability to recall.

  • Explain answers to others
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Explaining answers and topics to others help students to get more clarity on the topics.  Students must also highlight the key points side by side to work more.  You can ask your siblings and parents to put up questions, as it can help you in many ways.  You must try to answer them to know how much is completed.

  • Use flow charts and diagrams

Using flowcharts and diagrams can also help students to revise the topics well.  Challenge yourself to write down all highlights of a specific topic and condense important notes into one-page diagrams.  Best CBSE schools advise students to follow this rule as t helps them.

  • Check previous year’s question papers.

To study well for board examinations, students must try out old exam papers and get familiar with the exam format in advance, practice those questions in the specified time period, and then check with school notes to ensure they are correct.

  • Don’t panic

Try to stick to what you already know while studying the night before your board examination; if you try to learn new things the night before, it will create confusion and make you more nervous.  Revise notes ad practice numerals more.

  • Healthcare

Taking care of your health is essential, as stressing too much can harm your marks.  It will ruin your preparation; thus, checking your food and sleep is necessary.  To ace in board examination, it is essential to have good mental and physical health.

  • Minimize distractions

While studying for the board examination, minimize distractions, as they can hamper your preparations.  As per research, all students who prefer to study while listening to music retain less information.  Try to go for instrumental music to stay focused. 

  1. Time management
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Time management is the most vital point as it is the significant factor responsible for marks.  Take time seriously, as if not, it can kill both your marks and your confidence.

Students studying in the best CBSE Schools in Thane West, like Holywrits School, must follow the above-listed tips to ace board examinations.  These tips will help you get an excellent board examination score. Also, if you find it challenging to manage, talk to your teachers, as best CBSE school teachers are always supportive.

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