February 2, 2023
The only thing you need right now is a blanket!!

Nothing beats lying in bed under a soft blanket at the end of a long day, but did you know that your Blanket can significantly influence the quality of your sleep.

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, we all know how crucial it is to pick the correct mattress and pillow, but we hardly ever discuss what lies on top of us. Yet, choosing the ideal Blanket for you might change your life because it is crucial to staying warm during the night.

Fortunately, finding the ideal Blanket for you is simpler than you would imagine. Other than choosing the correct size, there are a few essential considerations too, let’s have a look.


In the world of quilts and duvets, the fabric your Blanket is made of significantly impacts whether or not you have a restful night’s sleep. After all, the type of material your Blanket is made of will determine how heavy it is, how effectively it maintains heat, and whether or not it is suitable for those with asthma and allergies.

There are two broad categories to consider while picking the ideal quilt materials. First, natural fibers are appropriate for the majority of sleeping styles. For example, cotton, wool, mulberry silk, TENCELTM Lyocell, feathers, etc., are natural and organic fibers.

Man-made fibers like polyester are at the opposite extreme of the spectrum. For those allergic to feathers and down, man-made fibers work better for them. Premium polyester will produce the same loft and light warmth as a feather and down. 

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Your quilt’s weight might significantly impact your ability to sleep. The quilt weight can calm and soothe throughout the night; heavier quilts and calming blankets have recently become immensely popular. On the other hand, lightweight quilts are an excellent option for people who detest feeling constricted while sleeping.

While thicker blankets are often comprised of insulating fabrics like wool, lightweight fillings like down and microfiber make a quilt very cozy and fluffy. Also, consider GSM when estimating the weight of your quilts or Blanket (grams per square meter). It shows how heavy your duvet is overall and how dense the fabric is.

It’s critical to select the appropriate fill weight for the season. While some bedding is “all season,” others are created especially for the cooler or hotter months. Natural fibers like wool are among the best insulators for winter, but they are a bit heavier than feather and down.

If you like a lighter quilt during the summer but don’t want to invest in a heavier quilt for the winter, think about enhancing your bedding collection with a chic bed throw.


Your quilt’s material affects how well it retains heat. Some people like nothing more than to stay warm and cozy all night long, while others choose something lighter and more breathable, especially in the summer. Wool retains heat better than any other natural fiber, even if more lightweight fabrics like bamboo and microfibers are more breathable.

Are you looking for the ideal Blanket for the winter? For a luxurious blanket in every price range to complete your restful night’s sleep, browse Bedding n Bath. We also carry a lovely selection of quilts, bed linens, and quilt coverings.

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As we all know, blankets serve more than one purpose in your home: warmth! Our extensive selection of lovely blankets at Bedding n Bath provides heat for the entire family. But, of course, the best Blanket depends on the season, use, and particular preferences. We have thick, luxurious wool blankets that are excellent for keeping warm and lighter, more breathable blankets for spring and fall.

You can cover couches with blankets, enclose your children in them, or spread a blanket at the foot of the bed. They are the pinnacle of aesthetics and usefulness combined. We have blankets in every size, but if you have a king-sized bed, check out our selection of King Size blankets for an incredibly opulent look.

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