February 2, 2023

Many businesses and jewellery stores have safes to safeguard people’s valuables, such as jewellery and money they need to protect from fire or theft. Most use lockers and Tijoris, which are container-like safes for storing them. The boxes are manufactured and sold as units; most can be moved easily from one place to another. However, some are hard to move, like floor Tijori, due to their size and weight. With that in mind, there are several misconceptions about these safes. Here are a few debunked ones. 

All Tijoris are the same, except for the size and are expensive:

Whether you have a jewellery store or a banking institution, you need a Tijori to protect money and other items of monetary or sentimental value. Most companies think a traditional safe is enough, but it’s not. They also consider the boxes are too big and expensive to purchase. 

But the truth is you need a Godrej Tijori to keep your valuables safe from fire or theft. These safes are available in different sizes, and you can choose one that will fit the things you want to deposit. The price of Tijoris depends on the degree of protection you require. So don’t hesitate to buy one because this is just a myth and not a fact about what these boxes are capable of.

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If your company is in a secure building, your valuables are safe:

Companies don’t think buying a Tijori to protect valuables is important because their location is secure. Owning a Tijori doesn’t mean you are just protecting your valuables from burglary, but from fire too. Valuables like documents are also at risk of damage in case of fire, besides theft. 

It can be too risky to try to save valuables on the company premises in case of an accidental fire. If this happens and you have a fireproof Godrej Tijori, you will be grateful because files and intellectual property will be safe. These boxes will protect all the contents inside for up to two hours.

Tijori safes are eyesores:

Gone are the days when safe boxes had the same design and pattern. People think these are still the same and compare them to the ones in cartoons and movies. But the truth is the modern ones are beautiful and luxurious and will suit your business perfectly. 

When mentioning bulletproof, it’s common to think that the box is black and ugly. But most Godrej Tijoris are available in different colours and have finishes to match any decor. When purchasing for your business, you can get it customised to your preferences with the finishes and materials you want. Also, you can get it in a variety of designs, and that is another myth busted to prove they are worth it. 

Tijoris are not good because you will forget the combination codes:

Today, you get innovative safety lockers with multiple types of locking mechanisms. The locking mechanism is not limited to a dial pad and an electronic keypad lock. Modern safes manufacturers have kept up with modern technology to make it easier. We have a biometric fingerprint scanner lock, so there is no need to memorise combinations. It becomes helpful as there’s no need to write down the combination on paper.

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Your company files and other intellectual property are safe in a locked drawer:

You might think there’s no need for a safe because you have locked your important documents in a drawer. The documents can be safe from your employees but not from a thief. Desk drawer locks are not resistant to lock picks, making them easy to open. But Godrej safe lockers are bulletproof and resistant to drill and pry attacks. What makes them this strong is their armour and superior strength.

Protecting your documents and intellectual property in the office is important. It doesn’t matter the location of your enterprise. You are not only protecting them from theft but also fire. If you have hesitated to buy one due to the myths, now you know the truth. Take action and purchase one that suits your needs, and you don’t have to worry in case of fire or theft.

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