February 5, 2023
baby cot

Baby cot and bedside cribs are a terrific way to experience intimacy, safety, and convenience with your child during those first few vulnerable months, but which one is the best for co-sleeping? We looked into it and came up with a handful of the finest for you to pick from.

So, what is a baby cot and bedside crib, exactly? It’s essentially a bassinet-style cot that attaches to your existing bed. One side of the crib can be lifted or lowered out-of-the-way, so you can simply take your baby out from you for a night feeding or to comfort them back to sleep if necessary. Thankfully, there are many distinct types from which to choose. You can also checkout puredown coupon code for discounts.

Check out our buying guide for the best baby cot and bedside cribs for both you and your baby.

Is A Bedside Cot Required For My Baby?

You might be thinking if you need a co-sleeper if you really have a larger crib. It’s alright to put your infant to sleep in a cot from the beginning, as long as their feet are constantly at the cot’s foot. A smaller sleeping space, on the other hand, is cozier, and your baby will be more likely to sleep well in this more secure atmosphere, right close to you. In comparison to a larger cot, a baby cot and bedside crib takes up significantly less floor area in your bedroom.

The major benefit of a baby cot and bedside crib over a Crib or normal crib is that the handy removable side provides no barrier and you and your baby.

Is It Safe for Baby to Sleep in a Baby Cot and Bedside Crib?

A baby cot and bedside crib is a good choice if you want to be accessible to see and approach your baby during the night, as well as for your infant to see you. Since you like the idea of co-sleeping but are concerned about the risks, a co-sleeper crib is by far the best alternative.

Because of the risk of suffocation and overheating, both The Lullaby Trust and the NHS recommend that your infant sleeps in the same bedroom as parents for the first six months, though not in your bed. Along with this, you can redeem cuckooland discount code, for a good discount. 

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When your baby sleeps in a separate cot in the same room, the risk of premature birth (SIDS) is reduced.

Nighttime feedings and comforting your baby back to sleep are considerably easier with a co-sleeper crib because you can stay in bed. A co-sleeper will come in handy if you have limited mobility, such as after a C-section.

Top Baby Cot And Bedside Crib For 2022

  1. Tutti Bambini CoZee baby cot and bedside crib

Suitable from: 0 – 6 months, equivalent to 9Kg.

If you’re searching for a really travel-friendly alternative, this is the ticket. I It’s tall to match your bed and may be used as a co-sleeper or a solo crib. The breathable mesh window allows you to keep an eye on your baby, and there’s a useful storage shelf for storing diapers. To aid with reflux, we like the inclination setting. The only drawback discovered by our mother testers was that it was a wood effect rather than real wood, which is less environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  1. SnuzPod 4 baby cot and bedside crib

Suitable from: 0 – 6 months, equivalent to 9Kg.

The SnuzPod, which may be used from infancy to six months, allows you to sleep beside your baby and be within easy reach when night feeds occur. It comes with a light bassinet and can be used as a baby cot and bedside crib, standalone crib, or Moses basket/bassinet. It features nine various height settings and an additional reflux incline mechanism to ensure the crib is the correct height for your bed.

You can easily have it using snuz discount code.

  1. Chicco Next2me Magic

Suitable from: 0 – 6 months, equivalent to 9Kg. 

The Next2me Magic is a new variant from Chicco, more advanced than ever. The side of this baby cot and bedside crib can be removed with a single click of a button. The rocking mode is our favorite function because it’s great for lulling newborns back to sleep. The mesh mattress and side panels allow for lots of airflow, and the height may be easily adjusted to fit your bed. It has four tilt settings to help with reflux, and the legs feature swivel wheels and brakes, which we enjoy.

  1. Maxi-Cosi Iora baby cot and bedside crib
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Suitable from: 0 – 6 months, equivalent to 9Kg.

The Iora gives caregivers the comfort of mind that their infant is sleeping in the lap of luxury, just an arm’s reach away. It’s stylish, adjustable, and includes a mattress. There are five various height positions and a co-sleeping slide option to choose from.

  1. BabyLo Cozi Sleeper

Suitable from: 0 – 6 months, equivalent to 9Kg.

This baby cot and bedside crib has a zip-down side panel and two clip-on straps to keep it safely against your bed, making it a fantastic budget-friendly solution. There’s a five-height adjustment and an adjustable slope to help with reflux. A free £20 bedsheet is included.

  1. Clair de Lune baby cot and bedside crib

Suitable from: 0 – 6 months, equivalent to 9Kg.

The Clair de Lune baby cot and bedside crib is made of natural, handwoven gray wicker and can be attached to your bed while resting on a completely adjustable wooden platform. This crib was created with your baby’s security in mind, while also being a very large crib that allows your child to grow.

  1. Shnuggle Air baby cot and bedside crib

Suitable from: 0 – 6 months, equivalent to 9Kg. Of course, it can be used for up to 2 years baby, but with a conversion kit.

This crib converts to a freestanding cot for usage up to two years (conversion kit supplied separately, £109.95). It is intended to optimize airflow and make it simple to observe your baby via the mesh sides. It comes with a hypoallergenic fiber mattress that is 50% more breathable than regular foam mattresses, reducing the danger of overheating. Not only that, but it contains a storage compartment for overnight necessities and an incline setting to help relieve reflux issues.

  1. Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper

Suitable from: 0 – 6 months, equivalent to 9Kg.

The Voyager co-sleeper is meant to keep your baby close to you while sleeping, ensuring that you both receive a good night’s sleep. The dense foam mattress, mesh air-flow panels, and variable incline setting provide your child with the most comfort. The Voyager’s quick-and-easy fold, making it excellent for vacations or evenings away from home. We enjoyed how easy the detachable fabric could be washed.

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