February 2, 2023
SEO Checklist for Web developers in 2022

Whether you run an international or local campaign on your website doesn’t matter. Having good content is not enough. You can use SEO for structuring content and pulling the most-searched keywords. You might have a content team for creating valuable SEO-driven content. However, it is just one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is improving your search engine’s ranking and looking at how well you write your code. A typical mistake of a programmer is not considering SEO when they code. 

Why should developers be concerned about SEO?

  1. We are no strangers to the very fact that SEO can increase your paycheck; developers should care about SEO as it plays a crucial role in how high your website ranks on the SERPs. You can think of your website as a house with a beautifully designed interior. If the foundation of your homes, such as the walls, roof and other support structures, is not built well, it can crumble down to the ground from a strong wind. 
  2. The same thing goes for the website that you have created. If the developers code the website well and follow Google’s best practices, it is likely to receive a high ranking on the SERPs. 
  3. However, mistakes, on the other hand, can also affect the number of people visiting your webpage, its visibility and the potential profit of the business as the website receives penalties from the search engines.
  4. Developers will learn to create device-friendly websites. The first mobile-first indexing has become one of the most crucial parts of SEO. Hence, developers of old and new websites had to learn to adapt and create several types of device-friendly pages.
  5. Developers will learn how to create websites that rank higher in SERPs. This is great for the developer and for the clients as well. When the website ranks higher, more people doing a simple local search will also be able to see the website that you have created. It will draw more organic traffic than the website further down the SERP.

What should a developer know about building an optimized website?

1. Headings

Headings are the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) tags. These tags are big, bold texts you see at the beginning of each section of content. There are six levels of headings. H1 is the one of the most important heading, and H6 is the least important one. The headings are essential because the search engines use HTML tags to index the structure of the content that you have made.

2. Alt tags

There should be a tag on the Alt tag on the essential checklist. This tag is a label for images, hyperlinks, videos and other types of resources. The web developers need to fill up the HTML tag as search engines can index pictures another way. The alt tags also give the viewer an idea of what the image is in case it fails to load.

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3. Image optimization

Loading speed is the most critical when it comes to creating websites. If the website is packed with heavy data, and high-resolution images, it could get slowed down. One should learn to choose the right format, file size and file name and the dimensions of a particular image without sacrificing too many details. JPEGs are more SEO-friendly than the PNG format. One should save their images at 100 KB in file size. However, if it is larger, one should make sure to save it in a JPEG format. 

4. Video optimization

Videos have large files. If you store the videos on the website, you will get a penalty from Google and other search engines. One can also change this by choosing the right kind of video hosting platform. One can also transcribe the video and add a few subtitles. The best way to lure more audiences is by using an engaging thumbnail for the video.

5. Structured data

The structured data helps the search engines know what all your website is about. When search engines understand the content of your page, the content that is present in the structured data can be used to match the search queries. Many people make use of SEO Audit services which are the services provided by the various SEO agencies. These include an inspection of your website to find problems or the issues that hold your site back in the organic search results. These types of SEO services typically include the documentation of the issues and consultation through implementation. 

6. Making Javascript and CSS External

A technical part of SEO demands that the web developers use external Javascript and Cascading style sheets instead of clubbing it all in one page. Thus, the browser can load the content and the HTML structure first before proceeding to the creative and design front of the website.

7. Page speed

If the website is faster, the higher is the possibility of it ranking on the first page.

8. Mobile optimization

One should rake in the mobile optimization factor if you want your website to rank higher. The code should be designed in such a way that the website fits well into a mobile phone. One should make sure that they have considered a layout so that it produces a better user experience for various types of mobile users.

9. Accelerated mobile pages

Google’s AMP is another ranking factor. These pages will appear when Google will show you a bunch of websites related to the search that you have made on a carousel format. When you click on any of the items of the carousel, it will load instantly.

10. Server configuration

Location of your server plays a very major role in your website’s SEO. One can easily fix their domains and subdomains.

11. Performance checkers

One should use performance checkers to perform a quick SEO audit on their website. There is one audit checklist that will let you see everything from the descriptions, titles to the links on the website. This way, you can easily get to know if you want to fix something.

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12. Staging site domain check

The development stage of a website is hosted in a domain called staging. Here, the tests and updates are made to make sure that everything runs smoothly when it goes live.

Sometimes, the developer tends to forget to update the certain codes, such as for images and broken links. However, this can hurt the SEO of a website when it is switched to live. One should create a checklist of things that they need to check before going ahead.

Start your SEO transformation today

The developers ought to know what needs to be done to ensure a better website structure and development. SEO and web development also go hand in hand. When you try to merge these two things together, you can get a strong website that can withstand all the updates.

A developer who practices SEO is a proactive developer. Once the developer knows everything, there is no need to redo anything. SEO will give you an advantage career-wise. It is something that can improve your coding and help you build more effective websites in the future.

 Critical Crawler issues

The first thing a developer should tackle is the crawler issues. These issues include 400 level HTTP status errors. 400-level errors means that the content cannot be found.

Why do these errors matter for SEO?

The worst nightmare for any developer is discovering a high-value error. The users who hit an error page do not wait for it to be fixed. One should explain the importance of these errors to the developer. The website developers that are on the team have put in long hours into creating and maintaining the site. 

Getting the developer perspective

Critical issues on the important website pages should be avoided at all costs. One should know what was wrong in the first place and how you can support the developers in the future. One should work with them to make a plan to keep you informed of any potential big site changes that might occur.

Fixing critical crawler errors with the web developer

Following are the crawler warnings-

  1. Meta Noindex

There is a type of Noindex value in the robots tag and the search engines will not index the content. 

2. X-robots Nofollow

Thus error means that the search engines are not going to crawl any of the links that are on the page because of the Nofollow value. This could also mean that if you have any internal links on that page. 

Wrapping up

This checklist aids in website optimization. You may assist Google in finding and indexing your content by implementing technical and on-page SEO enhancements to your website. Keep a watch on your organic search traffic in Google Analytics as you continue to optimise your website to monitor the effects of your modifications.

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