February 2, 2023
Live Streaming

In a marketer’s tools, one of the latest additions is live streaming which is not utilized to its highest potential. Many marketers are unsure about how to fit live streaming into their marketing while others do not consider it important.

When looked on Google as the Best Live Streaming service, it comes up as a big-time and money investment and therefore doesn’t become a good fit for a few businesses. Live streaming does bring in a lot of value to the consumers and enhances their reach. There are many reasons why live streaming is considered efficient and this article lists the pros of live streaming.


The benefits of IP Video streaming are listed down-

· A strong social media presence

Since live 6streams is a very social activity, it is performed on many different social platforms. The companies should have a very strong and engaging social media presence to benefit from live streaming.

Before starting to engage in live streaming, make a social strategy, put it in place, and ensure that it is working. It is very important to have a large number of followers to have an impact on live stream. The positive response of live streaming can only be seen then.

Out of all the followers, it is important to see how many engage in Instagram live streaming because very little or no engagement from the followers leads to an empty stream. With a regular engagement, the impact of a live stream can be felt to the maximum.

Increasing the number of followers engaging in the live stream depends on the connections and style of the live streams.

· Unavailability of expertise

Live streaming does not just help in adding to the entertainment value but also gives knowledge to the people who are about to start doing it. Many helpful things like panels, Q&A, and lectures from experts can be considered potential topics, and live streams can be made for them.

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If YouTube live streaming can help to provide this style of expertise, then, streaming can become a very powerful medium for the marketing of the company. The viewers get involved in the stream and the knowledge becomes exclusive to them.

This expertise is beneficial in IP Video Live streaming for the B2B industry, but cannot be applied to specific markets.

· Follower’s choices

Many events take place constantly all around the world. If the company executives attend such events and put them up on social media, then the followers get engaged in what’s going on. Trade shows and conferences are a few things that the followers might want to attend or see.

Every industry can use this approach and market its company. The event should not even be directly related to the business model but if it helps in targeting the audience then the business becomes more credible and helps to build connections.

In this case, some companies, like a roofing company might not be able to pull in a lot of viewers but a tech company attending a show filled with cool and new gadgets can attract a crowd via their Facebook live streaming.

· Streaming talent

Conducting a live stream is not an easy task and it requires screen talent, planning, creative content, and video equipment. Determine the host or screen talent which is determined that the host of the event live streaming is personable, likable, and quick on their feet.

During the live stream, the person acts as a face for the company. The business requires an investment which means having a good quality camera, microphone, lighting, and software. Behind the camera too, some people are needed.

Some of the most important questions to be considered before going for a live stream are if the company has enough resources to do a live stream. Can an investment be made? Can the employees handle live streams?

· Are the followers watching the live stream?

Even though live streams are a great source of marketing, they come with their set of restrictions. Not every person will jump on a live stream immediately since it has demographic restrictions.

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This includes the older generation who are not pros in using social media or the people who don’t prefer to use social media. For instance, LinkedIn live stream can work only for people who have an account on LinkedIn.

If the target audience of the company is the ones who don’t care about the streams, then there is no reason to do it. If the audience is very specific about what they prefer, then conduct the streams according to it. Notice their behaviour pattern like do they just watch the stream from the background or are they active in the stream?

To notice these behaviours and understand the preference of the audience, some market research and interviews with the customers should be conducted. Watch the analytics and observe and optimize the streams according to it. While being engaged in the process, ensure that loyalty is built for the brand. This will lead the audience to market the company by word of mouth.


The above-mentioned tips and benefits of live streaming are just a few things that need to be considered before opting for the live streaming method of marketing. Research conducted for IP-based live streaming revealed it helps to understand and the experience is enhanced. Carefully look at the target market and build a plan according to it to create content that will engage and entertain the viewers.

All the major considerations for the market and audience for a live stream are mentioned above which will further help. Choosing a platform, like Dreamcast, while ensuring the comfort of the audience or customers is the foremost consideration and it should be kept in mind the entire time.

Doing all of the above-mentioned things will lead the company to fame and make it trustworthy and exciting for the audience.

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