February 2, 2023
Quality Audit Services in Pakistan

Quality Audit Services in Pakistan

Quality auditing is generally the systematic examination of a company or organization’s quality management systems (QMS). This process is carried out by an external or internal audit team or quality auditor. This audit team provides several quality audit services to examine the entire procedure more effectively. 

Quality auditing is an important component of the ISO 9001 quality system standard. Several quality audit services in Pakistan are usually conducted at regular and agreed time intervals to ensure that an organization has a well-defined system for quality monitoring. They may also help you to determine whether a company is adaptable to the requirements of a particular quality system. 

The quality audit process has mainly two components. One is a quality system audit in which the system’s analysis of a product’s constituents is brought into existence. While the other one is the analysis of the products themselves, and the process is called product or service quality audit.

However, in this article, we will discuss several types of quality auditing and assurance services offered by Liger Corp Company.

Types of Quality Audit Services Offered by Liger Corp 

Below are some different quality audit services that Liger Corp may offer you. 

1- Factory Audits and Supplier Audits 

Due to today’s competitive market, it is very important to build a vendor base of partners. They will assist you in fulfilling all the features of your item production needs, from quality and design to item delivery needs and requirements. 

Factory and supplier audits carry out the comprehensive evaluation, an important component of the entire evaluation process. The basic criteria of a Liger Corp company are to judge the facilities, procedures, policies, and records. It will help to verify the ability of a factory to produce consistent quality control products over time instead of at once given time or only for some specific items. 

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Meanwhile, major checkpoints of a factory or supplier audit may include:

  • Company legality information
  • Bank information
  • Human resource
  • Order management
  • The standard factory audit includes
  • Manufacturer’s background
  • Manpower
  • Production capability
  • Machine, facilities & equipment
  • Manufacturing process & production line
  • Management system & capability
  • Environment.

2- Manufacturing Audits 

Liger Corp offers manufacturing audits that are cost- and time-effective simultaneously. They will help you create a complete profile of your efficient supplier by ensuring that they will become a dependable part of your global supply chain. 

An audit report of Liger Corp will make you able to confirm that the audited site can deliver to your item production specifications and address. It will also prevent the potential for further costly disruptions once your production is launched. 

However, a standard manufacturing audit may cover:

  • Factory profile 
  • Quality assurance systems
  • Production capacities
  • Workflow and organization charts 
  • Factory facilities, including the condition of machinery and equipment 

3- Technical Audits       

A technical audit is an independent and strong assessment for verifying the supplier’s potential supplier capabilities. Technical audits will ensure that quality and safety standards are well maintained across the supplier. 

These services also check whether a new supplier has the capability of meeting your demands and requirements or not. In addition, they will also manage and prevent quality risks by verifying that adequate in-factory systems are in place. 

Here the checklist services of our specialist auditors tailored to your specific product or industry give you an overall score to show the accurate level of risk in the supplier. The checklist of a Liger Corp technical audit may cover:

  • Basic factory profile 
  • Resources management; human resources, purchasing, and control of measurement devices
  • Incoming material inspection
  • Production processes; workshop organization, quality control during products
  • Packing and quality control processes before shipment 
  • Measurement, analysis, and improvement 

4- Structural Audits

Insufficient fire safety measures and inadequate structural integrity may have serious and hazardous consequences. Therefore, getting structural audits is important to ensure that your supplier’s industrial and commercial sites are safe, up to relevant codes, and have no risk to employee life and health. 

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You have to avail of structural audit services to ensure safe and secure working conditions and prevent the injury and loss of lives of your workers. These services are also helpful in protecting the image and reputation of your company or brand. They will assist you in complying with the statutory demands and gain an exact image of the state of safety in your supply chain. 

  • Structural audits may include a comprehensive check of buildings and premises like: 
  • Verification of Load Conditions
  • Evaluation of the Structural System of the Building
  • Structural Surveys and Checks
  • Fire Safety Check (optional)
  • Electrical Safety Check (optional)
  • Detection of Structural Defects, Damages, or Deformation.
  • Plan and Alignment Check
  • Assessing Maintenance and Exposure to an Aggressive Environment.

5- Factory Sanitation Audits 

As we all know, an era of pandemics just passed, so there is a high focus on disease contamination and prevention across the globe. Different brands, importers, and retailers are looking for the assurance that the supplier around the glove is providing a safe and secure workplace.

Factory sanitation audit services are carried out to ensure the suppliers comply with the top-practice hygiene processes and local legal requirements. It may also verify that the suppliers give their employees safe working conditions and minimize the spread of any possible contagious diseases or infections. 

The comprehensive factory sanitation audit process of Liger Corp may cover the following features: 

  • Epidemic prevention control measures
  • Safety in working areas and communal spaces
  • Emergency procedures
  • Hygiene procedures for staff
  • Overall factory cleanliness and hygiene

If you are looking for the best quality audit services in Pakistan, look no further than LigerCorp, as it is the best company in the town.

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