February 3, 2023

The UK is one of the countries with one of the most stable economies in the world and even though it is beneficial for the local population, it could be less so for the visitor and holidaymakers. They are not so much invested in the well-being of the financial system as a whole, but more in the cultural and traditional side of things. When on holiday, usually the first decision you have to make is to set up a budget and decide on the amount of money you need and are able to spend. So it is crucial to do some research and figure out the prices of things beforehand, to establish how much you can actually spend on the accommodation, transportation, and entertainment overall.


One of the most important expenses that you ought to take into account is money that you are about to spend on food. It has been calculated that on average a person spends upwards of 250 pounds monthly, taking into account, of course, the taste preferences and ability and desire to cook on daily basis. However, if you are a tourist you are bound to spend more since you will not buy in bulk and you are more likely to eat out. In this case, depending again on your preferences, and the availability of supermarkets in the vicinity, you should count over 50 pounds per day of your stay. 

Living and getting around 

Accommodation and transport are other categories that will unavoidably cost you a pretty penny. On average, tourists have spent upwards of 60 pounds per person for a stay in a hostel and certainly, hotels will be a bit pricier. Transportation costs will vary depending on your destination and whether you hire a car or opt for public transportation. Moreover, there are different day passes in various cities that will help you to get around and save up a bit. If you choose the day pass, you should count to spend somewhere in the region of 25 to 30 pounds, which will depend on the city and the type of transportation you opt for. 

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Car hire prices will largely depend on the type of car you get or the location of the service provider. The prices at Sixt Manchester Airport and rental service in London will differ, plus timing will matter as well. If you need a cheap car hiring, then it would be more difficult to find in the holiday period of peak times for your destination of choice. 

Entertainment and Activities

This category is actually the most flexible one since there is a huge choice of free entertainment activities and sightseeing locations to your liking. If you are pressed on budget and don’t feel like spending much, you can go on walks around town, taking in the architecture, enjoying the spirit of the city, and see the lives of ordinary residents everywhere. 

You can also check whether some museums have free entrance or maybe they have some promotions offering free entrance tickets on certain days a week. If you can afford it, you might spring for some tickets and go out to visit some attractions in the city. But still, try to avoid all the tourist traps and spend money on something that you might as well get for free. Thus, try to go online and do some research before your travel. Not only will you find out some of the more interesting locations, but you will also get a chance to see what is worth spending money on, and what attractions offer some free activities.


Whenever you are travelling and in a foreign country it is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to have some money as an emergency fund. Since you never know what obstacle you could as well encounter along the way, you should make it a point to set aside some money to have on your hands if something unexpected arises. YOu will surely worry less if you miss the plane, are not happy with the accommodation, or feel like changing the plan last minute if you happen to have some extra cash on your hands.

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Overall, be sure to calculate your budget carefully, but also try to be spontaneous once in a while, since all the best and unusual memories come from the experiences just like that. So instead of being rigid and sticking to your plan by the book, do consider giving yourself some flexibility.

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