February 3, 2023

Regardless of whether your dream is to move to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, and other European countries, experienced immigration services dubai can help you to fulfill these dreams and can make the process smoother. 

Some of the points to be kept in mind before selecting a migration consultancy in dubai:

  • The consultancy must be well-versed with complete immigration knowledge and to-do’s
  • They should have a result-oriented process and approach every situation very carefully.
  • They must have in house expert level immigration lawyers and consultants
  • Their website must have a user-friendly interface
  • Like any other service, they must provide professional and well-timed service delivery is necessary 
  • There must be full confidence between the consultant and the client, data confidentiality and protection is of utmost importance
  • The process of visa application must be made simple and with less hassle
  • The solutions provided by the consultants should be cost effective

Once you’ve made an informed decision regarding migration consultancy dubai, the next step is to understand the importance of every country and the purpose of your migration relates the most to which country the most. Some of the top countries to be considered while immigrating from Dubai are as follows:

  1. Canada: Applicants mostly choose this country because of these reasons – The country provides Federal Skilled work visas for applicants who wish to migrate to Canada and work.

If an applicant wishes to migrate to Canada without a job offer in hand Canada Provincial Nominee Program is the fastest route to enter the country after Express Entry. If you wish to migrate to Canada under an investor visa you either need to buy, set up or make a huge investment in some business in Canada within two years of the applicant’s arrival in the country. 

  1. New Zealand: This country is very well known for its Skilled Migrant visas, student visas, and work permit. It is the perfect location if one wants to experience a peaceful and less crowded environment. Moving to NZ as low-skilled labour is very tough as compared to skilled labour. If one has received a skilled permanent work visa, obtaining permanent residency is difficult and can be formally concluded in the following two phases – Actual Residence visa Application and the Expression of Interest.
  1. Australia: This country has its distinct features like subclass 189 and 190 visas and also Student visas. The applicants that possess skilled independent visas are allowed to reside and work within the country until further notice. In addition to which, they get to study in any Australian university. They can also enjoy other facilities such as healthcare like any other citizen of Australia. The skilled independent applicants that hold visas can also sponsor their family members into the country.
  1. United Kingdom: There is tier-wise visa application procedure as follows – Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visas, Tier 2 Work Permit, and Student visas. The Tier 1 visa is for those who wish to migrate to the United Kingdom and start their own business or entrepreneurship. A Tier 2 company-sponsored visa is one of the most important for the skilled migrants holding an employment letter coming to the UK for work. The applicant needs to have an employment letter along with a sponsorship certificate from a UK company with an authentic sponsor permit to apply for this visa.
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