February 3, 2023
plantable business cards

Perhaps, like fax machines and phone books, business cards are a thing of the past. However, there are several reasons why plantable business cards will continue to be used after 2022. A business card can be a networking and promotion tool that gives people all the information they need to get in touch with you. It also gives your company more legitimacy. To make a lasting impression, you can also add some sincere, personal touches to your business card.

One of the reasons business cards are still widely used today is the flexibility with which you can personalise them and include whatever pertinent information you desire.

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What is seed paper?

A type of handmade paper known as “seed paper” is formed from biodegradable recycled fibres that incorporate plant and flower seeds. Manufacturers even allow customers to select the type of seed they want to include in the seed paper, such as their preferred flower, vegetable, herb, or plant.

How to use seed paper?

A seed paper can be written on, printed on, folded, sliced, and crumpled just like any other type of paper. With seed paper, the only distinction is in how you get rid of it after use—plant it in a pot or in your garden! You can observe the growth of your plant after a few weeks.

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Why should you use seed paper?

Paper does really come from trees. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you returned the used paper to its proper place? Using seed paper has numerous advantages for you, Mother Earth, other people, and future generations. One benefit of employing it is that you’d need less paper. When you “dispose” of your paper, you can also improve the appearance of your house or neighbourhood. As a good steward of our earth, you are thirdly playing your part. Four, your home and community are witnessing a green revolution because of you. The list is never-ending!

Where can seed paper be used?

There are no prerequisites for using seed paper’s wonders. This “green” paper can be used for a variety of purposes around the house, including party invitations, thank-you notes, gift wrapping, kid-friendly sketching paper, and much more.

You may use seed paper for practically any paper necessity in your house, but you can also make the most of its incredible uses in your business! There are several advantages to using seed paper, whether you’re a large corporation or just starting out in the field!

Visiting cards 

Once you distribute this to your clients, you will undoubtedly receive an excellent response! Not only do you wish to save the environment, but you also conduct “green” commerce.

A postcard 

This will undoubtedly stand out from the crowd whether you send it to a client as a birthday card, an event invitation, or a holiday card.

Shape packs

You can use these as handouts, gift tags, or whatever else you like. You can have it manufactured in the shape of your choice!

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Is seed paper as environmentally friendly as it seems?

Seed paper is fundamentally zero-waste because it is made from recycled paper fibres. But not all seed sheets are made equal, just like with any sustainability-focused goods.

Select seeds carefully

The type of seed utilized, particularly for seed paper that incorporates perennial wildflower seeds, is the disputed topic at hand when it comes to the genuine sustainability of seed sheets. It is less likely for herb and vegetable seeds to damage an ecosystem.

Increased native plant integration can be very beneficial to a place. Native plants attract pollinators. The local ecosystems are strengthened by native flora, which is also attractive. However, invasive species and non-native plants can start a chain reaction that disrupts environmental equilibrium and reduces biodiversity.

Invest in plantable or seeded paper business cards to make greener decisions for your new venture!

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