February 8, 2023
PGDM in India Vs Abroad

PGDM is a two-year program offered by many PGDM colleges in Pune and colleges in other Indian cities. Both PGDM and MBA courses have equal value in terms of career prospects in India and abroad. The world is constantly changing, and the needs of organizations, companies, and institutions are also changing. The PGDM course caters to demand and trains students to become industry experts and to have a rewarding career after completion. PGDM admission to the best College in India allows different backgrounds to gain an edge over their competition on the corporate ladder.

Pros and cons of pursuing PGDM in India and abroad

After gaining a degree from the best PGDM colleges in Pune, students can have many advantages listed below. There are many pros to studying PGDM in India than abroad:

  1. Cost of the PGDM program

This is one of the most vital factors that might affect your outlook of PGDM aspirants to change their decision when studying in India or abroad. Generally, PGDM cost in India is relatively less when compared to PGDM abroad.

  • No need for a visa

Enrolling in PGDM admission in Indian colleges will not require a visa, and you can easily avoid all hassles you have to put into getting a visa to a PGDM abroad…

  • Familiar environment help

You should understand the power of Pursuing PGDM courses in a familiar environment. If you study PGDM in India, you can use all your contacts, and you can get your next job through your network in the form of connections and recommendations.

  • Comfortable environment
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Doing PGDM from the best colleges in Pune offers a comfortable student environment, and there is nothing better than the comfort of staying in your homeland. Pursuing a management course in India will guarantee you comfort and secureness compared to pursuing it abroad.

  • Exemplary work options

India has more corporates, MNCs, and agencies than abroad and also the demand for employees here is also a consistent affair. People who gain degrees after completing PGDM courses gain skills to get fit into numerous job profiles and have the ability to create a great place for themselves in the job market very soon.

Cons of studying PGDM in India

However, there are least cons of taking PGDM admission in India; two major ones are:

  • Students must be well-equipped and skilled to get the top position.
  • Students will have limited international exposure.
  • Students can bag optimum pay.

Pros of Studying PGDM abroad

There are   also many pros of studying abroad listed below:

  1. Higher salaries

 Students who wish to study abroad can have lucrative salaries once they complete their studies. However, the accommodation cost is very higher abroad, but the gains and returns are high there.

  • Great exposure

Students will get great exposure if they choose PGDM admission to colleges abroad. Students will learn to grow and mingle with many people from different nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures.

  • Immigration

The best thing about studying for a master’s abroad is that it will be the first step to migrating and becoming permanent residents. Doing master’s degree PGDM courses abroad is the easiest way to get PR.

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Cons of doing a master’s abroad

Students find it hard to manage the climatic conditions abroad and should prepare to face extreme climatic conditions.

  • Students who choose to do PGDM   abroad have to face challenges in terms of expenses as the course comes with high expenses.
  • Students may feel homesick many times while studying abroad. There are many who find it difficult to deal with new people.
  • Students can face language and cultural hindrances abroad and have to face many changes.

It is best to apply for admission to one of the best PGDM colleges in Pune, like Lexicon Management Institute. The College is known for its best faculties who help students polish their leadership skills and offer practical skills, applied theory, and confidence that they will need in the future to advance their careers.

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