February 5, 2023
Agarwal Matrimony

What do you seek when you find a life partner for your marriage? Most probably the answer would be someone compatible with you so that you can spend the rest of your life peacefully. If you are planning to do an Agarwal matrimony and looking for your partner, you should know that Kundali matching can be a perfect way to know the compatibility between you and your to-be partner before marriage. And this is something that every type of Hindu family follows before making the final decision for marriage. Mostly, in arranged marriages, Kundali matching happens where the Kundalis of bride and groom are matched by an experienced astrologer to see if they both will be compatible with each other or not. 

And this is equally crucial in Agarwal matrimony, famous for its unique Shaadi rituals and traditions. You also must have heard from people around you that they couldn’t get married because their Kundalis didn’t match with the other person. A lot is riding on the Kundali matching and that’s all related to the horoscopes of the two people. Finding all of this interesting? Well, don’t worry, we will be talking about more of it in this post. So, keep on reading!

How Does Kundali Matching Happen in an Agarwal Matrimony?

First of all, you should know that a Janam Kundali (also known as Janam Patrika, Birth Chart, Janampatri, etc.) is a document having details about what is going to happen in a person’s future by using his/her birth details—place, date and time. And to have these details as accurate as possible is of utmost importance to get the truest predictions. Earlier, the only way to get a Janam Kundali was with the help of an astrologer. But nowadays, you can also get it with the help of the Internet. 

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The importance of Kundali matching before an Agarwal matrimony marriage is as important as some other matrimony in India. After all, the future of a marriage depends on it. Generally, people do the Kundali matching before an Agarwal matrimony by two methods—By Name and By Date of Birth. But the latter one is considered to be more accurate. 

So, now you must be wondering about the process of Janam Kundali matching. Well, it starts with the process of Guna Milan or Ashtakoota Milan. Here, Guna stands for good qualities. So, the process involved matching the good qualities of the bride and groom to check the compatibility between an Agrawal groom and an Agarwal bride.

There are a maximum of 36 Gunas under the following eight Kutas. Check them out!

  1. Varna or Jaati (Spiritual compatibility)
  2. Vashya ( Mutual attraction)
  3. Tara (Nakshatra)
  4. Yoni ( Intimacy, romance, and mutual love)
  5. Gruha Maitri (Mutual compatibility when it comes to mental levels)
  6. Gana ( Behavioral compatibility)
  7. Rashi or Bhakoot ( Emotional compatibility & love between to-be life partners)
  8. Nadi (Health and genes)

Each Kutas has a maximum score it can get during the Kundali matching process before the Agarwal matrimony. Once the Kundali matching completes, the astrologer comes to a final score. Everything depends on this score. If a score is below 18, astrologers believe that there are no chances to get married. However, they can recommend some remedies to remove the doshas and increase the score. But there will always be a risk of unsuccessful marriage with this score. 

With a score between 18 to 24, there are possibilities that your Agarwal matrimony marriage will have some possibilities of marriage. If your score is more than 32, you should not wait any further as both of you cannot get a better match than that. This is the kind of score that is believed to be a match made in heaven. 

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So, before making a final decision about your partner, make sure you go through the process of Kundali matching so that you can enjoy a successful married life with your Agarwal bride or groom.

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