February 5, 2023

A few years lower back whilst we based our publishing platform exploreB2B I had my first touch with Twitter.

And to be sincere, I had no clue. I created my non-public Twitter account with the unmarried motive of giving our new enterprise account primary More followers. I did not plan to use my personal account for the simple purpose that I did no longer realize what I realize now approximately Twitter.

If I had regarded six years lower back than what I recognise nowadays, I could have created my Twitter account the minute we decided on founding an organization and I could have started to construct a following actively.

And this reputedly easy and unimportant step would have solved (or helped to remedy) all the marketing troubles we encountered while constructing exploreB2B.

Do you trust that Twitter isn’t always that critical to advertising?

You are proper: Twitter may not always be the maximum essential advertising and marketing channel. That is what we idea, too. So we tried the whole lot else first:

PR: we threw loads of cash out the window with the aid of buying a PR corporation that did now not provide us with any consequences at all

Google Advertising: We laboured at once collectively with Google. One of their Adwords specialists attempted and didn’t offer us the fulfilment we needed

LinkedIn and Facebook Advertising: This gave us some success, however, our price range was restricted, and this will most effective offer us an initial push but changed into not the way to scale our enterprise

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Social Media Marketing on diverse channels: We were no professionals, we had no approach. Results had been meagre, and our presence becomes developing too sluggish

So, it become a simple want that made us research advertising and marketing.

We needed to figure out Twitter, which is a dependable channel after you found out the essential approaches. And those approaches are paintings for all of us. Plus you could do the entirety without a big price range. We in no way paid one cent for advertising on Twitter.

About two years after beginning exploreB2B my Twitter account had around 500 fans. Looking at Twitter you may find many bills like that: With a handful of followers, developing very slowly.

500 fans on my account are not huge, and it indicates one thing: I still had no clue how to build a following on Twitter. And it is not enough for real impact.

Content and Guest Posts for growing on Twitter

We began to have interaction in content material marketing. That changed into step one in the direction of fulfilment on Twitter. Because on Twitter, you want the content to achieve success. Twitter and content material are healthy made-in-advertising heaven.

Without content you’ve got not anything to tweet approximately, you have got not anything to offer price with. You can curate content material to develop your account, however, you can not have advertising fulfilment without your content.

In addition to publishing content material on our site (the publishing platform exploreB2B), we wrote visitor posts, and I learned to make use of the writer bio for the Twitter boom. Some of my best-strolling visitor posts helped me gain some hundred new followers for my Twitter account.

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