February 3, 2023
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Every success-oriented organization, whether it is a start-up or a multinational business conglomerate, has a set of values, principles, and philosophies that accompany its mission statement. These are the corporate values ​​of the company. From integrity to cutting-edge innovation, corporate values ​​can be diverse.

But why should your organization have core values? It is this set of beliefs and philosophies that determines your company culture and drives your business strategies. They influence team building and cohesion in your company. In addition, they impact relationships with customers, stakeholders, and other businesses. Click here for office furniture store tampa

The implementation and reinforcement of the company’s core values ​​take different approaches, each with its level of results.

Some organizations focus on managers who lead by example and reward values-oriented behaviors, while others embed their company values ​​into the sales and hiring processes. However, the value of office design in reinforcing corporate values ​​is often underestimated.

How are corporate values ​​related to office design

In this modern era, companies and institutions dedicate a large part of their resources to driving innovation-focused operations with minimal attention to office design. The office plan a company adopts reflects its culture and can be a stepping stone or a roadblock to achieving your mission.

Whether an organization’s culture is hierarchical and controlling or diverse and inclusive, it can be demonstrated by the office design idea adopted.

For example, individual workspaces closed with high barriers in the form of cubicles that do not allow direct communication with other collaborators represent and promote a culture of control in an office. With this design, the focus is on getting things right.

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Desks Height Adjustable In Office

An office layout with group workspaces and fewer individual spaces, on the other hand, demonstrates a collaborative culture in an organization. The result of a less formal environment is lasting workforce development and better teamwork.

For companies that aspire to gain a competitive advantage over other companies through the development of creative culture, an easy-to-change work environment with fewer individual closed spaces and more open spaces is essential.

Promote a competitive culture in which work dynamics are results-oriented; the organization should use a design that combines formal and informal spaces. This allows working with maximum concentration while improving the exchange of solutions in a more open and faster way in different instances.

Steps to achieve an office design that matches your brand identity
Functionality and engagement are paramount considerations in the design of any corporate space. But leveraging office design to build brand identity and emphasize company core values ​​is a unique opportunity that few explore.

Due to the level of expertise required to develop a functional office plan, seeking the services of a professional interior designer is highly recommended. These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when redesigning an office.

Now, to implement an office design that reflects the culture of your organization, follow these steps:

  1. Make a list of your values
    This is a no-brainer and simply involves making all of your company’s values ​​visible and tangible through a list that you can prioritize. It’s a vital step in using corporate design to drive your company’s core values.

This list helps you focus on the principles that are critical to achieving company goals and making decisions much faster. Both employers and employees can be encouraged to translate the written code into visible practices in the organization just by having the list.

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It should be noted that an office values ​​scheme also communicates to clients, to some extent, your organization’s commitment to particular principles.

  1. Find a design that suits your team and your needs
    Taking into account your team, the activities they do every day and their particular needs, choose an office design that is comfortable for everyone. Design influences how workers and customers perceive your organization’s core values.

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