February 3, 2023
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One morning when you press the Power button on your smartphone, you discover it is not responding. Users face this problem consistently and many iPhone users experience it. Once it occurs, you must seek out solutions to fix it or discover a substitute that functions similarly.

There can be many reasons why your iPhone’s power button stops working. Is the physical impact of the button felt? Or maybe there’s a problem with your device’s software? In any case, the following post discusses the main causes of the problem and shows how to work around them. Along with that, you can take the help of apple certified repair auckland to repair your mobile.

Possible Reasons for the iPhone Power Button Issue

You won’t be able to solve the problem until you figure out why the iPhone lock button isn’t functioning. Here is a list of some of the typical causes for your phone’s button not functioning.

  • The Power Button is Being Interfered With by the Phone Case

Some inexpensive phone cases have a reputation for interfering with the iPhone buttons’ functionality. The case you use for your device likely prevents the button from just being pressed fully. The button is therefore not working on your iPhone.

  • A Problem with the iPhone’s Software

Your iPhone’s operating system may occasionally be to blame for a problem. Your iPhone’s iOS operating system might contain bugs or flaws that are preventing the Power button from functioning.

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The software of your device is probably the problem if you recently installed any updates, resulting in the Power button failing to work.

  • A Problem with the Button’s Structure

The Power button on your iPhone could have suffered physical damage if you dropped it and it landed on something hard. The button won’t work if the connections to it are damaged or loose, and you won’t be able to use it until it is fixed.

How can we solve this problem?

When the power button on your iPhone stops functioning, there’s no need to freak out or give up. You can try a few fixes on your iPhone to see if you can fix the key and get your phone to function normally once more. You can resolve the issue using the fix listed below.

  • Remove Your iPhone’s External Case

As was already mentioned, inexpensive external cases for your smartphone can make the Power button unresponsive. If you use one of these cases with your iPhone, take it off right away to test the button.

If the button functions after you’ve taken the case off, get an official, authorized one for your apple phone.

  • Put a New Power Button on Your Own

Repairing the Power button yourself is a cost-effective option if it has physical damage. If you have some smartphone experience, you ought to be able to open your smartphone, take out the damaged button, replace it, and resolve the problem.

To assist you in resolving your Power button issues, numerous websites on the internet sell spare Power buttons.

  • Repair Your iPhone by sending it to Apple
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The best course of action is to bring your iPhone to an Apple Store so that the staff there can take care of the problem for you if you are unsure how to fix the broken Switch on your phone and do not want to risk breaking by opening it.

The support staff is skilled at resolving problems like yours, and if the button can’t be fixed, they will be capable of replacing it for you.


If you tried the methods above and were unable to resolve the problem with the iPhone start button not working, you can visit apple repair Auckland, which offers three repair modes to protect your iPhone from malfunctions and guarantees the maximum system recovery rate.

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