February 3, 2023
Making a choice between personal computers can be a difficult task as there are numerous options and brands available to customers. Even similar specifications are available at different prices which make it all complicated for a normal customer with limited understanding and information to make the right choice. In this paper, three different models of laptops are assessed for the specifications in order to make a recommendation for the best buy.

Personal Computer: A Comparison Report

Personal computers Alienware Aurora 2019 are very important in any sort of IT organization, be it a business oriented firm or civic firm. This report is set out to inform the organization about the different models of personal computers that can be bought for the company’s use. The comparison between the models of personal computers has been made upon the level of reliability, power to operate multitasks, and the price of these laptops which may be cost effective for the company as well.

The report is significant as it provides a brief understanding about the models of personal computers that are likely to work for a longer period. The efficiency of personal computers matters a lot because it is important to have a certain level of specification for supporting the procedures of any organization as well as the continuation of the working atmosphere without any interruptions.

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LENOVO Idea pad S205 11.6” Laptop- Black

This laptop has numerous features which are useful for the basic needs of computer users. The price of this workstation is £299.99 which is somewhat suitable based on its specifications. The processing power of this model of personal computer is powerful as it has dual-core Intel PentiumE-350 processor. This laptop comes with an internal memory of 3 GB. Existing users of this MacBook 12in M7 laptop have provided reviews claiming that it is easily portable and has a battery life of two hours which is less than what other laptops offer and are available in the market. The best feature of this laptop is that it has genuine Windows 7 which is suitable for a RAM of 2GB and hard drive of 320 GB. There are three USB ports for the usage of external devices (PC World, 2011).

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HP Pavilion dm 1-4027sa 11.6 Laptop

The price of this laptop is £329.99 and has processing power of AMD E-450 processor. It is a dual-core processor which is suitable for multi-tasking and speedy computing experience. The battery life of this laptop is up to 8.5 hours which is quite suitable for longer work durations without the need of charging it. It has a hard drive of 320 GB. This laptop provides a whole new experience for the users in terms of its features. The laptop provides multiple ports for connectivity and card reading processes (HP, 2011).

COMPAQ Presario CQ57- 364SA Laptop

The price of this laptop is £329.99 and it has a processor of Intel Pentium B950 with an internal memory of 4 GB which can be further extended by installing additional RAM. The hard dive available for the user computing experiences is 500GB. The laptop’s battery life is 5 hours which is lesser than other laptops in the market. However, longer life battery option is also available at a higher price. This laptop provides three slots for the USB connectivity and integrated Wi-Fi connectivity at an easy go (Compaq, 2011).

Best Choice

Through the comparison of above three models of personal computers, it is suggested that depending upon the type of civic company under consideration, HP Pavilion dm 1-4027sa 11.6 Laptop should be bought.

The reasons could include its cost-effectiveness and its ability to meet the basic IT requirements of the company apple music replay. Since, the company plans to employ computers for 45 workers therefore, it is important to select a brand and specifications which are suitable for the working of the company. It is also suggested that HP laptops should be bought for making presentations at the site meetings. These computers can be given to the public relations team of the company because this will enable them connect to the organization’s network from anywhere without being dependent upon cables wpc16 com.

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Every year there has always been an increase of violence in schools mainly because of gangs and bullies. But for the last past five years these violent incidences have gotten so out of hand for some kids that they end up skipping school, they find any excuse not to go to school, or they end up committing suicide because they cannot deal with the day to day torture. Some forms of violence situations occur because of a child’s sexual orientation, race, a handicap, etc. School should be a place where everybody should feel safe and comfortable, kids should not have to come to school and watch over their shoulder to see if there’s someone coming after them.

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The topic of the paragraph is School Violence and its impact on children. The paragraph should have included determinants that cause school violence. The paragraph that interested me the most was “Some forms of violence situations occur because of a child’s sexual orientation, race, a handicap, etc.” The point of author changes as he takes the stance that school should be made a safer place for children. The paragraph becomes effective in its continuum when the author provides detail of the impact of school violence. The paragraph by Jermaine is very effective in my opinion sl618.

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Attacks by youth in the community are becoming increasingly brutal and frankly, bold. News articles are filled with violent attacks by and against today’s youth. A Chicago student, Derrion Albert, who was brutally beaten to death on film and A New York student, Kevin Miller, who was fatally shot in the head; were both murdered by peers on the way home from school. These are only two very tragic examples of youth violence in the U.S. A total of 34 Chicago public school students were killed during the 2008 school year, according to news reports (Hoffman 2009).

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