February 4, 2023

Here is a guide on how to restrict access to your Instagram story.

This function can be used to “hide” your material from certain users. For example, Boost Ig Likes your supervisor, coworkers, and even certain family members.

1. Access your Instagram settings.

Start by clicking on the settings button in the upper right corner. This emblem can be found atop your Instagram profile.

Following this action, a menu will appear on the right. You will find a “Settings” option at the bottom of this menu.

2. Go to the Privacy Settings page.

“Privacy” must be selected from the Instagram “Settings” tab once it has loaded.

After that, you must select “Story” from the menu. “Interactions” is where you’ll find this information.

At this point, you’ll see the “Story” panel pop up.

This option allows you to choose “Close Friends” as the audience for your tale. In addition, you have discretion over who can respond to your stories and whether they can be shared.

In our instance, however, we wish to prohibit others from viewing our stories. Consequently, we will need to select the “Hide Story From” option.

3. Decide on the individual from whom you will keep your storey a secret and whom you will not tell it.

At this point, you will be able to choose which followers your stories will be hidden from.

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In order to execute this change, we will need to click the arrow at the top left of the screen.

Once you’ve chosen the person in question and saved your changes, Instagram will let you know how many people can’t see your story.

And that concludes it! These individuals will no longer be able to access your stories. Even if they see it, they won’t even know you posted it.

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