February 2, 2023
Chamet Agency

What Is Chamet Agent:

Chamet AgenT registration process is a very efficient process without investing any single buck. There are many people who charge to provide Chamet agencies but, there is no cost charge by the app or officials. Chamet Agency is an easy start-up for entertainment & recruitment agents. As a Chamet Agent, you will get paid weekly according to the total revenue earned by your hostesses and sub-agents.

Chamet Agency Payment:

Chamet company pays directly to agents into their Bank Account through the ArriPayment website. Host’s salary also received by agencies, they need to make payments to their hosts. Company sends Agency commission + host salary to the Agent every week on Thursday. Agent commission lies between 5-30% of the total revenue earned by hosts & agencies recruited by an agency.

How To Become A Chamet Agent?

To become a Chamet agent you will require an agency registration link, which can be provided by some other agent or directly by the company. There are very few direct agents, so please make sure you have the contact details of your Upper Agent when you register. Your upper agent will be your point of contact when you face any problem, you can find their number on your Dashboard after registration.

Registration Process:

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  1. Click on this link: https://h5.ichamet.com/webH5/inviteAgent/bind.html?companyId=3338
  2. Fill the registration form with all information required;
  3. Create a unique username
  4. Create a password mix of numbers & letters
  5. Submit / Create your new Chamet Agency name
  6. In the 5th box you need t select your country code correctly then enter your mobile no.
  7. Click on send button in the following row to get OTP for number verification.
  8. Once you get the verification code to enter it, click on the bind button
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Always remember your username & password, in case you forget your username you can’t access your agency account and there is no way to reset it, also your upper agent will not be able to help you in such a case.

Chamet Agent Login – Agency Dashboard

Once you successfully submit your agency form, you are able to access your Chamet Agent Dashboard. To login to your chalet agency click on this link: http://agent.ichamet.com and use your agency username & dashboard to log in.

How To Add Banks Account?

Every agent needs to add their bank details to get their payment directly in their bank account. To bind your wallet with Chamet agency you need to follow the steps:

  1. Click on the button ‘Bank Account Wallet / Bind Bank Wallet’
  2. It will redirect you to ArriPay Website.
  3. Select your Country and enter your mobile number.
  4. Create a new password including letters and numbers.
  5. Sign in to click on the menu button and complete all verification.
  6. From the menu choose My Linked Account & fill in your bank and account details to complete the process.

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How To Add Hosts to Chamet Agency?

You will see a button ‘Invitation link for hostesses’ on your agency dashboard, You need to click on that link it will copy the link automatically, You need to send that link to your girls and they need to follow the steps:

  1. Open Chamet Agency Host registration Link
  2. Verify phone number by OTP
  3. Download the Chamet app from google or the play store
  4. Login using the same number they verified.
  5. After login, tell your host to complete the face verification process from Profile > Earning > Wallet
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All hosts need to complete the profile and face verification to start work on Chamet App. Chamet Agent must have contact with their Hosts & Sub-agents to provide them guidance and updates on applications. Never skip your host’s payment, any report against any agency may result in the closing of the agency. Add at least one Contact method in your dashboard for your hosts and sub-agents.

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