February 2, 2023

Being able to carry out a ton of complex computational processes with great battery life which allows doing your tasks throughout the day, Apple MacBooks are the most demanded productivity laptops throughout the globe.

One of Apple’s most cutting-edge notebooks, the MacBook Air is more powerful than other laptops. Consumers won’t purchase them until they are certain that they will keep the laptops for an extended period of time.

The longevity of a device, especially one with the reputation of the Apple MacBook Air has to have a decent lifespan throughout its usage. . It must be on the minds of anyone considering buying the Apple MacBook Air how long it will last. Let’s hop into it!


A new MacBook Air lasts around 6-7 years before it stops receiving software updates. The manner the MacBook is utilised can also be used to calculate its lifespan. The lifecycle of your MacBook Air may be shortened if you operate it roughly, overload it, and carry out intensively graphically intensive jobs or whether you’re just a productive or casual user, so it becomes a subjective answer on how you use & maintain it.

In order to get updated with the latest version of macOS & its technologies, you can consider upgrading it if you’re a daily heavy user. Users who only use their MacBook for working on spreadsheets, documents, web browsing, video surfing, etc… can juice out a couple of extra years from their MacBook. In some cases, it can last over a decade also.

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Your MacBook will begin to slow down after 4 years, but it will still perform for a few more years. The battery backup will also decrease, giving you a little less battery life. You won’t be able to install and download updates and new software versions after seven years.


  • Heavy Use: For heavy users, MacBook Pro 16 inch is recommended, but if you’re using MacBook Air, still it can last about 5 years when you use heavy photo & video-editing software, advanced machine learning & coding on it before it starts to underperform.
  • Light Use: If the MacBook is only used for browsing and keyboard-based tasks like office work rather than running resource-intensive software, it can easily last for 7 years or longer.


  • Regular software updates:

Ensure to update your MacBook regularly to keep it equipped with new optimisations & features. As discussed earlier, MacBook will stop receiving new software updates after 5-6 years of use. However, it doesn’t mean that your device will be unusable, you can still continue to use your MacBook routinely. But it will not receive any new updates. Ensure to update your device to latest version of macOS is you haven’t already.

  • Choose the correct device as per your usage while purchasing:

Choose MacBook Pro if you’re using it for heavy & graphic-intensive tasks. MacBook Air can be chosen if you’re a productive user like a student or office worker.

  • Use as per available features & accessibility:

Every model of the MacBook has a set number of features. While downloading the necessary programme, keep in mind your laptop’s compatibility. It will undoubtedly crash if it is incompatible with your MacBook.

  • Handle carefully:
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The MacBook is a sensitive gadget, and if it is struck by a firm body, the damage might occur. Purchase the necessary items like a case or a laptop bag to ensure the safety and protection of your MacBook from harm. Avoid mishandling & liquid spillage on the MacBook’s surface.


Although a MacBook – Air or Pro should last you for several years, taking good care of your system both by updating it & using it well physically will help you to increase its lifespan. Even at the time of repair, if your MacBook is more than 5-6 years old, the cost of repair may not be worthwhile. Instead, putting up aside for a new MacBook which is advanced & capable of meeting modern standards can be bought.

Users with heavy usage should think about replacing their Mac every 5-6 to keep up with the latest tech & features whilst, users who only use their MacBook for working on spreadsheets, documents, web browsing, video surfing, etc… can juice out a couple of extra years from their MacBook. In some cases, it can last over a decade also. It can be derived that the lifespan of your MacBook will be a subjective matter.

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