February 4, 2023
Gojek Clone App

The United Kingdom has the world’s leading centers of commercial, finance, and culture. London is Britain’s capital while other cities like Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester are known for various specialties like football, art, culture, and music! Another exciting, beneficial, and unique thing that will soon join this list is – the Gojek Clone app. 

What Is a Gojek Clone? Why Will Its Launch in the UK Stun the World? 

All thanks to the pandemic. People have now started relying on online platforms to order their meals, make transactions, book taxi rides, and much more. Now, reading this what may come to your mind are different apps or company names. For instance, Uber for booking a taxi, Just Eat or Deliveroo for food ordering, or Weezy for grocery delivery. It’s okay if these app names just rolled through your mind because they have gained popularity as the best apps for the different needs of UK citizens. 

However, that is going to change with the launch of the on-demand multi-service app – Gojek Clone. To explain what this app is and does, mentioned here are a few important points. 

  • It is a mobile app that offers 82+ on-demand services. 
  • Inspired by the original Indonesian app, Gojek, this cloned app contains multiple services and features. 
  • The clone app is pre-built. That means, the company has already built the app and is ready to white-label it for you according to your business requirements. 
  • It only takes 1 to 2 weeks to completely white-label the application
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Advantages of Launching the On-demand Multi-service App 

If you are thinking about launching the multi-service app in the UK, then you must read through the different advantages first! Don’t worry, we have listed down all the relevant perks of launching this robust app in your region right now. 

1. It maintains transparency between customers and business 

There are multiple features present on the Gojek Clone app. Out of all of them, automatic invoice generation is one feature that provides 100% transparency to the customers. Even the customers can go back to their booking history and check how much they have paid or what they have to pay for their upcoming task. 

2. It offers everything on a single platform

The application offers 82+ on-demand services. This assortment includes every service including hiring a babysitter, sending parcels, ordering medicines, and booking a personal shopper. Therefore, your customers don’t have to go anywhere or download multiple apps to get their chores done. A single app is enough! 

3. You get to build a stronghold in different industries 

As a business owner, you’d not only get to offer multiple services on your platform but also rule them. As of July 3, 2022, the population of the United Kingdom is 68,597,811! What does this mean? This number evidently means that you have a great audience number to serve. This also indicates that you can build a strong foothold in different industries! 

Be it transportation and logistics, healthcare, food & groceries, courier services, and many more. 

Make the Most Attractive Profits

Count this as another important advantage of launching the Gojek Clone appHundreds of entrepreneurs have already benefited from this amazing application. How? Well, you can earn 10x of what an average businessman earns with the help of the two profit-centric business models. 

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Earn commission on every service 

Commissions are earned on every service rendered through the app such as moto rides, haircuts, parcel deliveries, and much more. These commission rates are decided by the entrepreneur itself. In brief, the entrepreneur has control over how much they want to earn. Although the rates are market-relevant yet, they bring in huge profits for the entrepreneur. 

Membership subscription plans

The subscription plan is another money-making business model that can easily earn high revenues for the entrepreneur. However, this model is different from commissions on every service. Here, the entrepreneur earns a lump-sum amount from different plans purchased and renewed by the providers. 

The good thing is, that these plans are curated by the entrepreneur! Which again makes them the KING of the on-demand multi-service industry. Note, that the Gojek Clone membership plans come with different time validity, features, and varied prices! 

What are the other ways through which entrepreneurs can earn more? Well, in-app advertisements are one way that helps the app owner make extra bucks. It is here that the app owner displays third-party Facebook and Google Ads on their app’s home screen and gets paid per click!

Eager to Own a Business in the UK? Launch Pre-built Gojek Clone App

If you are ready to own and run a business in the United Kingdom, then why wait for another opportunity when you still have the chance to launch the multi-service app. Joining hands with the experts will give you an upper hand when it comes to launching a fully-fledged, optimized, and robust app like the Gojek Clone. 

To launch the on-demand multi-service app in just 1 to 2 weeks, find a perfectly coded and tested clone app script. Voila! You are all set to white-label the application and launch it on global platforms like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Start earning today.