February 2, 2023

As with 2020, 2021 was the beginning of a new year for consumers. It was an interesting year for shoppers with regard to the way they interact, browse, and the overall outlook of the global. Successful retailers have learned and developed in their understanding of the best tools to take their business to the next phase of their business.

Consolidating tech stacks with flexible and multi-faceted solutions is certain to be essential for marketing teams of the future, and all while providing more personalized, data-driven and tailored experiences to shoppers.

A fresh and modern Martech stack is an essential aspect of success for merchants and starts with identifying the right tools to get there. We’ve put together the MarTech stack guide with the top solutions to help you scale and expand your brand’s reach for the future.

Learn Conversational Commerce with Attentive

Attentive empowers innovative brands to develop meaningful interactions through personal text messages. It’s the market leader in conversational commerce and has revolutionized the business-to-consumer relationship.

The comprehensive text message marketing solution assists any business, from medium and small to enterprise –strengthen relationships with their customers in an innovative and exciting way.

Attentive has assisted brands to earn billions of dollars of ecommerce revenue through two-way, personal communications.

Why Are You Attentive to SMS?

As consumers’ preferences change the more difficult it is to connect with them.

These days, shoppers are adopting the “mobile-first” (and for some, a “mobile-only”) approach. Around 57% of shoppers prefer using mobile devices when they shop online, with 37% utilizing a mixture of desktop and mobile according to Attentive. 7 percent of people use desktops exclusively.

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Marketers need to diversify their channels in terms of both consumer preferences and marketing performance. Text messaging is notable as a medium that’s uniquely data-informed and measurable. Its instantaneous nature lets you adjust your strategy in real-time to trigger the right actions.

Companies that utilize the Attentive to Text message market have generated millions in online sales via SMS. It is simple to use and offers more than 20 sign-up options which are extremely effective. It also provides an audience manager to target and segment your customers. Analytics to improve your strategies and compliance tools.

As a Anthrilo merchant, you can easily integrate the Attentive tag in your extension, eliminating the requirement for you to create a custom implementation.

With Attentive, you are able to easily design and send targeted text messages using A/B testing and time zone targeting, measure performance to see what’s working (and what’s not) and then automatically send subscribers timely messages that are triggered by their shopping and purchasing habits.

In 2022, marketers will be considering SMS as a necessary channel to meet their goals in business. More than ever, customers are putting more emphasis on convenience and two-way human interaction. Creating these personalized interactions via text messages across the entire consumer’s journey makes customers feel like there’s someone there for them to assist them whenever and wherever they need help. Utilizing Attentive’s SMS marketing platform you can capitalize on these trends — and put your brand in the best possible position to increase sales and improve customer retention moving forward.

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To increase your profits for 2022 and beyond, check out Texts We Love. It showcases the top performing campaign messages from companies and blog posts on SMS Marketing FAQs as well as choosing a SMS marketing service.

Solutions for Customer Issues across all channels using Gorgias

High-quality customer care is an essential element for any brand. If you aren’t able to answer customers’ or prospects queries about a product or with their order can result in reduced sales and lower loyalty. Like Anthiro that help their customers. Check also Hoodie and Jogger set sell buy Anthrilo.

Consider this: 59% will quit a brand they love after a couple of bad experiences (only 17% will leave after one). ).

To make things more complicated It is no longer the case when consumers navigated to the website of a company’s online store to look at products and then purchase. People are increasingly shopping on social networks. Forbes describes it as the next global fashion in shopping with the potential for $1.2 trillion in sales.

Scaling can be difficult for businesses that want to provide one-on-one support for customers. Here are some of the ways that built-in support technology can help companies to provide support for customers.

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