February 2, 2023

Have you heard about Spin Flash Dryer? It is a new form of drying equipment. It is mainly used for drying, crushing and classifying. They are now widely used in fields such as dyeing, agrochemical, mineral, chemical, light industry, food and medicine.

Do you know how it works? In Spin Flash Dryer, hot air from an inlet tube flows tangentially through the dryer chamber and spirals upward. At the same time, parts are fed to the tower from the feed hopper. The raw material and the very hot air exchange heat completely. The coarse components with high moisture content are crushed and jointed with the air stream in the dryer. The finer, drier constituents are lifted by the rotating air, allowing the separator to apply a separation process that separates the solids from the fuel. Finally, the hard product, or end product, is collected and packaged. The exhaust gases are then discharged from the dust collector.

How do you rate the performance of drum dryers compared to conventional drum dryers?

Firstly, due to the high speed of the working stream, the bond only remains for a short time, which can only prevent the materials from sticking to the wall at these high product speeds in the drying chamber, effectively preventing damage to heat-sensitive materials. The raw materials can then be dried to a homogeneous powder in a single step in the inline system. Grinding and sorting processes can be eliminated.

The drying chamber is equipped with a scale ring and vortex distributor to adjust not only the fineness of the ingredients, but also the final moisture content. The unique under-air auxiliary device reduces the resistance of the equipment sufficiently to effectively increase the uniformity of drying ingredients.

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Third, the special cooling system inside the rotary dryer with washing and pressure sealing tool at the bottom prevents the rotary granulator from being damaged at high temperature.

Fourth, useful devices for feeding, air temperature and classifier The successful adjustment of feeding, air temperature and classifier enables the control of the final moisture content and fineness in relation to the component.

Today, dryer manufacturers are ushering in a new era of drum dryers that are highly efficient, energy-saving and fast. It is expected that the new models will bring great changes in many areas. Let’s wait for them.

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