February 3, 2023

Dr Mehmet Oz is a famous cardiothoracic surgeon who, since 2004, has also worked as an author and TV presenter. He has his own show that he uses to educate people across the world about health. Over the years, he has reviewed all kinds of supplements and other health products. By taking this approach, he has empowered tens of thousands of people and helped them to deal with a range of health issues. Because so many people are overweight he has reviewed many weight loss products. Perhaps the best known of these reviews was the Dr OZ green coffee bean experiment.

Dr Oz and Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

As you know Dr Oz is always on the lookout for health products that are effective. He believes in empowering his audience to take care of their health.

Given the fact that obesity is such a big problem many of the products he reviews are designed to help people to lose weight. In 2012, he read a double blind placebo controlled, linear dose, crossover study about green coffee bean extract, Dr Oz was amazed and heartened by the results.

The study showed that people who took the supplement were able to lose more weight than those who took the placebo. Naturally this peeked his interest and he started to talk about green coffee bean on the Dr Oz show.

Naturally, some people were sceptical, so the show’s producers and Dr Oz decided to do their own study. They wanted to double check the results themselves at least as far as they could without using a lab.

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The Experiment Explained

Early in 2011 they set up the experiment. A total of 100 women were called down from the audience of one of his shows.

Each woman was weighed and had all of their crucial measurements taken. They were each sent home with a set of pills.

Both sets of tablets looked identical, but half of the women were given a placebo. These pills contained no active ingredients. The other 50 women were taking home pills that contained 400mg of high-grade green coffee bean extract.

All of the women were told not to change their diets or exercise regimes. However, they were asked to keep a list of what they ate each day.

Each woman took one tablet three times a day 30 minutes before they ate. The only difference between the two groups was whether they were taking the placebo or the supplement.

The Positive Results

After two weeks all of the women were invited back to the show. Once again they were all weighed and measured.

The results reflected those of Dr Vinson’s study. Those women who took the pure green coffee bean extract Dr Ozhad given them were the ones who lost the most weight. In fact as a group they lost twice as much weight as those women who were taking the placebo.

Naturally, sales of the product rocketed after the show. Given the fact that the results were so positive many people were inspired to try this weight loss product for themselves. Today, the supplement is still very popular and there are many positive reviews out there. All kinds of people take this weight loss supplement to boost their weight loss. It seems to work on people regardless of their age, sex or how much weight they need to lose. Orlistat 120mg is most popular for weight loss.

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Only Take High Grade GCBE

However, we do have to sound a note of caution here. The quality of the green coffee bean extract that you buy is very important. You don’t want to buy something risky that might induce side effects.

Dr Oz has pointed out on numerous occasions that he does not recommend or&nbs endorse a specific brand. His experiments are simply not detailed enough to allow him to safely make such a recommendation. However, he does advice readers on his site to search out those products that contain Svetol® or GCA®.

Both of these substances have undergone testing. Importantly, these ingredients are standardized.

These two ingredients contain high levels of Chlorogenic acid. It is this acid that is thought to change the way in which the body metabolises food.

Chlorogenic acid appears to speed up the rate at which your metabolism works, which is why it is possible to lose more weight than when you are not taking the supplement.

The dosage is also important. Therefore, you need to look for a product that does not contain fillers and is pure.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few fake products out there. For this reason we recommend that you only buy direct from the manufactures websites, and that you check the ingredients list.

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