October 2, 2022

If you want to get a visa to Sri Lanka from Australia then you must read this post as in this article we are going to discuss the general eligibility requirements for an application who wants to get a visa to Sri Lanka. Today if you are planning on traveling to Sri Lanka then you would need to have a visa to Sri Lanka for Australians. Without the visa document there is no way you can enter Sri Lanka. You can get the traditional travel visa from the embassy or consulate office in Australia. You can also apply online if you want to get the visa in less than two to three days.

Sri Lanka visa eligibility requirements!

Now here we are first going to discuss the general eligibility requirements for getting the visa to Sri Lanka from Australia.

  • The first requirement is that the department or the embassy should be satisfied with the applicant. They must find whether you are suitable to enter Sri Lanka or not. This analysis would depend on the visa application form you fill and on your interview. 
  • You would get this visa only if the embassy approves the purpose of your visit to Sri Lanka. Usually this kind of approval is not needed when you are applying for a Sri Lanka visa on arrival for Australians.
  • Visa to Sri Lanka from Australia would only be given to you if your passport has a validity of more than six months. The passport should be valid for at least six months from the date you plan on entering SA.
  • You would only get the Sri Lanka visa for Australian passport holders if the department is satisfied that you have funds to sustain your trip. If they feel like you cannot afford your trip then your application is going to be rejected.
  • Visa to Sri Lanka from Australia would also be given to applicants who show return flight bookings from Sri Lanka back to Australia.
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Conditions for getting a tourist visa

Here are some of the conditions that you need to consider when you are applying for visa to Sri Lanka for Australian.

  • Tourists who have the visa to Sri Lanka from Australia must ensure that they don’t engage in any sort of employment in Sri Lanka. You cannot work in the country on the basis of a tourist visa. 
  • The visa you have gotten from the embassy must be consumed before it expires.
  • On visa Sri Lanka Australian passport you can get an extension of two months after the expiry of the original date. 
  • Visa to Sri Lanka from Australia extensions are only given on the basis of valid reasons.

If you are found in breach of any of these conditions then your visa is going to be suspended and you would have to immediately return back to your parent company with a bad travel history. It can be hard for you to get the  visa again if you have not honored the conditions of the immigration and emigration department!

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