February 3, 2023

Situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina is the perfect place for the family to travel to. It has the perfect location for those who want to explore a bit of the East coast. And if you are looking for a place to start, Charlotte, which is the biggest city in the state should be your top pick. There are lots of attractions in the city, but if you have some time to spare you can take some road trips, to have a family getaway.

Gastonia, Gaston County

Gastonia is located about 20 miles away from Charlotte, which makes it perfect for a family outing. It will be a 30-minute drive or less, so you can find a 12-passenger van rental in Charlotte NC, and be there in no time. As for the attractions in Gastonia, you will have a whale of a time exploring the quaint and charming parts of the town. For the more adventurous, there is one of the oldest racetracks in the south, and George Poston Park, which is ideal for bikers. The park makes its way through the mountains of North Carolina, and there are trails for people of different levels of skill. For the more romantic souls, here you could find some of the most stunning lavender farms in the state. 

Anne Springs Close Greenways

If you are traveling with a bunch of kids then you ought to know that they need some active pastimes and if you rent 12 passenger van, you will be able to take your whole family to a recreational area near Charlotte. If you are looking for a place like that, Anne Springs Close Greenways is a perfect choice. There are plenty of water activities to do, an outdoor playground for the kids, and some hiking trails for families to explore. There are some paved parts of trails that will be perfect for families with prams or wheelchairs.

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Van rental in Charlotte is of great assistance for those who want to go to Asheboro. It is about 70 miles away, in the center of North Carolina, and makes it the best option for a day out with family. The children will surely enjoy the time at the North Carolina Zoo, and teens and adults will get a kicker from the zipline. Besides, there are lots to see in the American Classic Motorcycle Museum. And if you are planning on spending the night in the city, there is also a local brewery that will keep parents entertained.

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This town is perfect for families with older children to check out. Teens and preteens will enjoy this charming little town that is located between two rivers, and thus lets you do lots of water activities, including kayaking and fishing. Parents on the other hand will really love the town for its architectural style and lots of interesting antique buildings. Plus there is Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, which is not to miss when you are there. 

Copperhead Island

MacDowell Nature Preserve is the home of Copperhead Island, and it should be another must on your itinerary in North Carolina. It is the perfect place to spend a day in outdoors. The island is located on a scenic lake and there is lots to do for a family with kids. You can make a whole day of it and have a picnic on the island, the children will have a lot of fun kayaking, fishing, and beach volleyball. Plus you can go hiking in the vicinity of the lake and enjoy all the wonderful landscapes of the area.Free Бесплатное стоковое фото с голубое небо, горы, зеленый Stock Photo

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Salisbury is an idyllic-looking town, just about 45 minutes away from Charlotte. The downtown has some of the most marvelous historic buildings and families will enjoy the Transportation Museum, if you are traveling there in summer you can go to Patterson Farm or the Lazy 5 Ranch for some fruit picking. All the family will find something to do in the town, and you are bound to have an excellent time there.

Overall, there are many places of interest near Charlotte where the families will have a great road trip. You can choose a few locations, or select the only one, to spice up your trip to North Carolina.

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