February 3, 2023

A different type of fences use different is composite fencing expensive, depending on their height and construction.


Expect to pay below the picket range, which is about $11 to $15 per linear foot when installed. Fence heights generally do not exceed 4 feet. It uses less material per linear foot than other types of synthetic fencing because of the way it places individual fences several inches apart.

Privacy fence

Standard wood panel privacy fences cost between $22 and $34 per linear foot when installed. This mid-range option offers more privacy as it is taller and uses large side panels to block the view from outside. Because it has a larger surface area than a fence, it uses more material per panel and increases the cost per linear foot.

Top quality fencing

Premium composite fencing costs between $28 and $45 per linear foot when installed. Premium fences include decorative panels made from high-quality synthetic materials and often have additional details such as latticework on top of them. Additional details, improved base materials, and increased weight of panels and columns mean this type of fence costs more per linear foot.

Synthetic Fence Cost Factors

In addition to the type of fence, other factors such as height, insets, gate additions, and frame type also affect the cost of the composite fence.


The height of the fence determines the amount of material used per panel or linear foot. For example, a 3 foot fence or split rail fence uses much less material than a 7 foot solid panel fence. The more material you use per linear foot, the more you’ll pay.

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Also, the extra height adds weight, which increases the type, size, and strength of the frame required. The larger and heavier the panels and shelves, the more work it takes to install them correctly.

Additional characteristics

Additional features like custom top rails, decorative post covers, custom batten designs, textured or wood grain finishes, and beautiful panel top cutouts can quickly add to the overall cost of your project. Check with your local fence contractor about additional features available and associated costs before agreeing to proceed.

Add door

Composite door installations cost between $200 and $400 per installation. Large front doors cost more than $600. If additional doors or hallways need to be added, additional costs are incurred, as hanging the door securely and accurately take time and skill.

Frame type

For the most durable composite fences, you’ll also need composite posts and panel frames with wood or steel inserts for added strength. However, it is relatively expensive.

Many homeowners opt for a more economical solution, using a fence frame that creates fence panels using pressure-treated wood posts and synthetic battens attached to the wood frame. Wooden posts are mounted on the floor, on which frames and slats are fixed. The downside is that pressure-treated lumber has a shorter lifespan and is more susceptible to rot, insect infestation, and other damage than composite materials.

Do it yourself or hire a fence builder

With the right tools, skills, and plenty of time, you can install a composite fence. At first glance, installing a fence may seem simple, but it is quite a complex project, especially if you need a fence several feet or more. You will need to learn to level the ground or compensate for hedges on uneven terrain or slopes. If you doubt your ability, patience, or availability, the best thing to do is hire a professional fence installer.

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