February 5, 2023
ac repair Hobe Sound

Air conditioning equipment is the great forgotten outside of the summer season. Unless they are used as a heat pump, then they can be used throughout the year. Now that the heat should begin to decrease after a few weeks or even months of intensive use, we see the need to apply some maintenance to avoid future problems with air conditioning equipment. Properly maintained air conditioning equipment can last for many years at full capacity and avoid serious problems.

What are the most common air conditioning problems?
Air conditioning equipment can present all kinds of problems, although below we will mention only the most common, so you should not be alarmed if you find any of these problems in your air conditioning equipment. Visit here for ac repair Hobe Sound

A fault has appeared in the compressor for various reasons.
The equipment has run out of gas to work.
The thermal protection are not adequate or have worn out.
There is a drip of water.
The equipment suffers a load loss.
As a maintenance company in the air conditioning and heating sector, we find ourselves every summer with some of the problems with the air conditioning equipment mentioned above.

The importance of good maintenance
The best solution is knowing how to anticipate the most common problems and thus prevent possible failures of the air conditioning equipment through an annual review. With this review, we can verify the operation and performance of the equipment.

Air conditioning equipment without maintenance or revision can cause serious problems such as those mentioned above. For this reason, at Tecnigrado we offer a maintenance contract for air conditioning equipment.

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We insist on the importance that any equipment, both boilers, and air conditioning equipment, is essential for maintenance and to be able to save additional costs due to equipment malfunction.

If you want to know more about our maintenance service for air conditioning equipment or if your equipment has suffered a breakdown, do not hesitate to contact us.

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