February 3, 2023
Commercial kitchen equipment suppliers

Commercial kitchen equipment suppliers

So, you want to run a Commercial Kitchen? First things first — you need to know what your kitchen will be running. It’s essential to know what you are working with is essential before you make any dramatic changes.  

Knowing how each piece of your kitchen will work is also important. That way, you can be armed with the knowledge and data needed to make informed decisions that move your business forward while keeping it profitable. After that, you need to find commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in UAE.

Here’s a breakdown of the different pieces of your Commercial Kitchen space. Let’s get started with the prep and cooking areas.

Things you need to know for running a Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen is generally made up of two parts: the prep area and the cooking area. You’ll want to understand these two areas to make well-informed decisions about where to place your station, how much equipment you will need, and what type of cooking procedures you’ll be doing. We’ll start with prep and move on to cooking then. 

  • Prep Area

The area of your kitchen that allows you to prepare food, generally refrigerated or cold, is the prep area. The prep area should be large enough to accommodate everything you need to do when prepping food for cooking. 

You’ll want to have room for plenty of storage in the form of storage bins and shelving. If you can see everything, you will likely keep it in order. The top of your prep area should be outfitted with the necessary appliances to prep food.

A large refrigerator and freezer are the most important things to have when prepping food. You’ll want your refrigerator to be large enough to store all your ingredients. A smaller refrigeration unit will make it difficult for you to store everything you need and keep them fresh until needed. In addition, you’ll want to have a large freezer to keep frozen food in order and store-cooked food.

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In addition, you should also have a dishwasher with dishware. Sometimes you can’t wash every plate, bowl, or container yourself. This is essential when your prep area is large because it can help keep it clean and organized and you can get commercial kitchen equipment Dubai from Marox at a reasonable price. 

  • Cooking Area 

Next is the cooking area. This is the place where you will be cooking food. It’s a well-ventilated area that is well ventilated and has everything you need to cook the food. This area can vary.

The most important thing regarding cooking your meal is having a method for heating your food. Often this comes in the form of an oven, which is used to heat everything from pizza and breadsticks to macaroni, cheese, and chicken fingers.

There are many different types of ovens, but typically you’ll need a large oven that can fit at least five or six racks to hold everything needed to cook. You’ll also want to have a rack that is set on the upper rack. It will help you slide pans in and out without having liquids or food splatter over your countertop. 

A wire rack is great because it can hold heavier items like baking sheets, roasting pans, and baking dishes. You’ll also need a stove or cooking surface. This can be any type of surface that you choose. You’ll be using it for cooking, so you may as well get what you need for the best results.

There are many different stoves, including those designed to heat up quickly and cook fast. Some stoves make brown meat and sauté vegetables easy, while others make it easy to melt cheese on your pizza or brown an egg on your waffle iron. For the best catering equipment Dubai, contact Marox now.

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Space for the Kitchen Equipment

Next, we need to discuss how much equipment you need in your commercial kitchen. If you want to run your own business in a very large area, you will likely be able to get away with only one oven and one stove. This would allow you to make everything from simple breakfast sandwiches to pizza and pasta.

If you plan on making more complex meals, however, or there is more than one cook in your kitchen, then it’s time to increase the size of your kitchen. You should have several cooks making a full menu so that each cook has enough workspace for their equipment. This will allow for more efficient use of the kitchen.

You should also have an extra oven smaller than your main oven to make smaller meals, bread, and desserts such as cookies, cakes, and tarts. It’s also good to have another stove to make a full menu from start to finish.

A commercial kitchen can accommodate at least two stoves, although many kitchens require three or four. When purchasing a commercial kitchen, you should ask about the type of stove and ovens the business uses so that you are sure to get what you need for optimum results.

Location of your Commercial Kitchen

Finally, we need to discuss where you want to put your commercial kitchen. Of course, this will depend on how big your commercial kitchen will be and where it can fit into the rest of your building.

If you plan on having a commercial kitchen in a rented space, you’ll want to ensure enough space to accommodate the equipment you will be installing. This will also depend on how many cooks you have and how many ovens and stoves there are in your kitchen.If you are looking for commercial kitchen equipment near me, you should get in touch with Marox to get quality kitchen equipment.

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