February 8, 2023
Preschool in Pune

Selecting the best preschool for your child is a confusing task, especially when there are so many options available. It is one of the most existing phases of life that is the first step of your child to step out of the home and to go out to learn and grow beyond their comfort zone. Generally, parents should start looking for the best preschool in Pune a year in advance. It will give them time to experience everything that school offers and can hence enrol their kids in the next year. Preschool is a facility that offers early childhood education to small kids until they are ready to enter kindergarten.

Importance of preschool

As per many studies, early childhood education in the best preschool in Pune is necessary to help increase a child’s cognitive development, reduce grade retention and improve behaviour during elementary years. Parents must choose a preschool for their children based on the equality of teachers, the policy enforced by the Director of the school and the overall environment that suits their child.

How to select the best preschool for your child?

There are many factors that parents must take into consideration while choosing the best preschool in Pune for their children; it will be easy for parents to choose quality preschool if they know what they are looking for. Below are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Teachers

Teachers of best preschools should be best as higher teacher education predicts higher education quality and care. Seek teachers of the school who have formal post-high school training like degrees in child development and early childhood education or any other related field.

  • Staff should be caring.
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The preschool you choose should have teachers who are good at building trusting relationships with children and parents. As per many studies, when teachers are positive and caring, children learn much better, and their development is more advanced. Positive teachers always spread happiness and good spirit. They are nurturing and never engage in negative interactions with children.

  • Have a field trip

Parents must take time to visit the preschool which is on their list. This will help them to know all about the school and speaking with people who work there will help them to know better about the environment. Many times a person feels an instant connection with the place, and if you don’t connect to the environment, you should not send your child there.

  • Curriculum offered

Before finalizing the best preschool in Pune, parents must check the curriculum offered by the school; it should be future-ready and in the latest format. Best preschools offer well-structured curricula always as they help students to learn and create a strong foundation for the future. It is also vital to know what methods and strategies are used in preschool to teach the child, whether it is play-based, information-based or experimental-based.

  • Safety

It is another vital factor to keep in mind while searching best preschool for your children. Choose the school that has good safety apparatus as it is for your child’s wellbeing. You must go to the school and must check out if furniture and toys are child friendly or not and are injury-proof. Always choose the preschool if it offers all safety and security features like safety locks, devices like facial recognition etc.

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If, in case, as parents, you are feeling overwhelmed and overloaded, do not worry. You can make the correct choice or the best preschool while considering the above-listed points. If you are seeking preschool in Pune for kids, enrol in Lexicon kids, among the top preschools working with a vision to mould students into successful citizens. The school is creating a foundation for learning, an environment that focuses on the social and emotional development of little minds by using innovative, creative, ad fun-filled activities. The curriculum of the school is designed in a way that students can learn best and can also apply their learning in everyday life.

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