February 3, 2023
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Buying a new motorcycle against an used motorcycle has always been a point of contention. There is no proper answer to this question; rather, each individual has their own preferences, which are based on what they like the most and what they believe is best for them.

I’ve bought over a dozen bikes in my lifetime, so I’ve been in the situation of needing to make this decision for myself. I’d been in this situation before, so I had enough expertise to assist me decide which course of action was best for me.

Now that I’ve researched and done my homework, I can explain it to you and provide you with an unbiased appraisal of a new versus used motorcycle so you can make your own decision.

New motorcycles have many advantages

There are a number of industry-leading features on brand new motorcycles. In the following paragraphs, we list some of them

  1. Systematic modernization

In the first portion of this piece, I’ll go through the advantages of purchasing a brand-new motorcycle. To begin, I’d like to point out that new motorcycles have more complex and modern mechanical systems, which can eventually make riding safer. These devices might have increased fuel efficiency, suspension, and braking.

Every motorcycle constructed must undergo a series of tests to guarantee that the brakes operate properly and that the bike is in good working condition. You may obtain a motorcycle with good braking systems.

The wonderful thing about current bikes is that they usually feature updated anti-lock disc brakes, or ABS (anti-lock braking system). This signifies that the disc/drum brakes on the motorbike are controlled by an electronic safety system, which prevents the wheels and tyres from locking up and sliding even when the brakes are completely engaged.

Fuel injection technology, which is standard on modern motorcycles, eliminates the need to repair and clean an older carburetor every year.

  1. A greater number of resources for financing

If you want to buy a new motorcycle from a dealership, you have more financing options. You may finance directly from the dealership or get a loan from your bank.

Many consumers choose to receive a loan straight from the dealership due to the convenience of not having to go back and forth between your bank and the dealer. On occasion, dealerships may supply their own personal financing or arrange many bank loans for you.

If you apply for a loan from a dealership that does not offer its own financing, the dealership will send your information to the various banks with whom it works. The dealership will then transmit the data to you and inform you of the best interest rate available. The dealership charges an additional 2% as remuneration for servicing your financing.

For example, the dealership may inform you of the best interest rate, say 5%, that one of the banks with whom they work is now giving. As recompense for performing all of that labour on your behalf each year, the dealership would have added 1% to the 4% interest rate the bank would have paid.

  1. It requires less maintenance

Any motorcycle will require some care, such as changing the oil, maintaining tyre pressure, and keeping the chain clean and greased. However, the newer the motorcycle, the less maintenance you’ll need to undertake aside from the fundamentals.

Some modern motorcycles contain alarms that explain which systems are underperforming, the state of the oil, the condition of the brake pads, and other information. This eliminates the need for you to make educated judgments about when to conduct such repairs.

The latest technology being developed for motorcycles makes riding them more fun and worry-free. Every year, engineers continue to amaze us with new technology they create. This might also mean that future motorcycles will be simpler to maintain than the ones people already own.

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Used and older bikes require extra maintenance due to the regular wear and tear that comes with continuous use. Possible fixes include poor throttle response, electrical issues, braking issues, and/or significant vibrations at higher speeds. If you don’t know how to solve problems, they can pile up and become overwhelming.

  1. There will be a longer life expectancy

You’d think this is self-evident, yet many people ignore it when deciding whether to buy a new or used motorcycle. A new motorcycle will definitely serve you well and be yours for considerably longer than an old one. Furthermore, you can be confident that the new motorcycle you purchased will likely live longer than previous models thanks to improved technology that evolves on an annual basis.

Modern motorcycles are safer to ride thanks to technological developments. These technological innovations include anti-lock brake systems, adaptive headlights, automatic gearboxes, tire pressure monitors, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

Motorcycles will last longer if they are made safer. Essentially, if you don’t crash your motorcycle and get into some sort of tragedy or accident, you’ll have less wear and tear to maintain in the future.


Purchasing a warranty is usually an option when purchasing a new motorcycle. Some people may consider a warranty is unnecessary and do not want to pay the money, whilst others believe it is critical, especially if they want to ride their motorcycle regularly shortly after acquiring it.

A motorcycle warranty is a written contract between the manufacturer and the motorcycle’s owner in which the manufacturer pledges to finance and pay for repairs for a set length of time. You may purchase a manufacturer’s warranty, which is frequently included in the price of the motorcycle or can be added to it if you acquire a loan.

Used motorcycles have many advantages

There are a number of Pocket friendly features on used motorcycles. In the following paragraphs, we list some of them.

  1. The depreciation and appreciation of assets

In the next section of this essay, I’ll go through the advantages of purchasing a used motorcycle. There is no disputing that purchasing a used motorcycle is far less expensive than purchasing a new motorcycle from a dealer. Even if you bought a motorcycle from someone who had just purchased a brand-new motorcycle the day before, you would still receive a good deal. It is the result of depreciation.

A brand-new motorcycle depreciates by 11% the instant you drive it off the lot. A brand-new Honda CB650R, for example, costs roughly $9,000. Due to an 11% depreciation, your motorcycle will be valued roughly $8,000 when you drive it out of the parking lot. If you are in an accident the day after purchasing a new motorcycle, your insurance company will only give you $8,000 to replace it.

Motorcycles lose 10% of their value yearly after the first depreciation. If you’re considering buying a used motorcycle, let someone else cover the early term of depreciation on your behalf.

When your motorcycle is a few years old, possibly ten years or more, it may begin to appreciate, which means it will gain value over time. The causes of this are increased demand for the bike, a manufacturer’s restricted supply, and/or changing client interest in that specific style of bike.

Despite the fact that not all motorcycles fall into this category, considering how much the majority of people enjoy antique and vintage motorcycles, especially when they have been repaired, there is a good chance that some do. If you acquire a second hand motorcycle at the proper moment, you might profit from appreciation.

  1. Value Can Be Increased by Upgrades
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Comparatively speaking, improving an older or used motorcycle will frequently increase its worth. If you are able to perform the updates yourself, this is especially true.

A used motorcycle may be modified with a new seat, new tyres, an engine repair, a tank painting, new handlebars, and other improvements. A motorcycle in good working and cosmetic condition will sell for more money than one with a blown engine or torn seats.

Customising or adding upgrades to a new motorbike will not raise its value (usually). A motorcycle is worth the same if you buy it brand new from the manufacturer, bring it home, install a new seat, and paint some of the panels.

If you do anything crazy to a brand-new motorcycle, you can diminish its value quicker than it would normally decline.

  1. Customization is easier

Every motorbike I’ve purchased has been customised in some way. Many people do this because they want the motorcycle to seem like it belongs to them and represent their individuality. Although all new motorcycles have some fun and helpful features that make riding easier, performing any customisation on a new bike will be rather difficult owing to the technology utilised. Everything nowadays is electronic, and the majority of motorcycle riders are clueless of how to operate the electric components of a new motorcycle. Take your new bike to a shop if you wish to customise it.

Older and used motorcycles are simple devices that can be easily customised by anybody willing to do some research. Steel tubes were frequently welded together to produce the bulk of prior motorcycle frames to suit a certain chassis. This makes practically any modification to the frame simple to work on and accomplish.

Modern bike materials, such as titanium, carbon fibre, or aluminium, are more expensive and more difficult to repair without the assistance of a professional. Furthermore, because this type of material is more difficult to work with, customising it will be more expensive if a skilled framework is necessary.

  1. It is less expensive

An increasing amount of electronics is being added to modern motorcycles. That is good to have, but fixing it is not pleasant. Additionally, you will ultimately need to remedy them in the future.

Motorcycles that are used or older tend to be simpler and don’t need as much labour to fix. Although modern motorcycles may not require as many repairs, that doesn’t imply they are faultless and will never malfunction. Whether you buy a new or secondhand motorbike, you should always be prepared for maintenance.

Aside from being less expensive to repair, older and used motorcycles sometimes have cheaper insurance prices than modern models. Insurance prices will climb because new motorcycles require newer, more expensive parts.

Insurance for an older or used motorcycle is normally $20-$60 per month, but insurance for a new motorcycle is typically $100-$200 per month.

  1. “Kinks” Have Already Been Resolved

Some find comfort in knowing that when they purchased a used motorcycle, a lot of the “kinks” are worked out, meaning the original owner has run into the problems specific to the model and has hopefully taken care of them.

In a perfect world, all motorcycles would have been made flawless and would last forever. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. Brand new motorcycles will have problems, even right after they were purchased. This is especially applicable to newly designed models of bikes where manufacturers are still experimenting a little to see what works and what doesn’t.

If you bought a motorcycle like this, the starter would most likely already be replaced, so you wouldn’t have to worry. Otherwise, previous owners would be obliged to cut the bike’s price to reflect the labour required to restore it.

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