February 2, 2023
Biometric recognition
Biometric recognition is helping online sectors secure their operations against fraudulent activities. Read on to know more about biometric-based solutions.

Digital transformation is making customers’ access to online services easier. They can order products, book tickets, and avail of other assistance without leaving their home. On the other hand, these convenient measures are driving numerous challenges for digital industries. For instance, fraudulent onboarding, identity fraud, and much more. Moreover, due to these technological shifts, minors’ access is also becoming easier. They onboard Age-Oriented (AO) platforms without elders’ permission.

Hence, industries require robust biometric recognition checks. In this digital era, document validation and information cross-match are no more enough. To add an extra layer of security, AI-powered biometric user authentication verifies customers by using behavioral and biological scans. This blog sheds light on reasons why digital industries should employ biometric screening checks. 

Biometric User Authentication – Driving Efficacy to Digital Industries

As technological transformations are bringing convenience to the table, criminals are also employing advanced techniques to illegitimately avail it. This way they dodge the identification checks and onboard platforms as imposters. This is why the need for robust biometric recognition checks is increasing in online industries. 

These solutions not only help them attract a huge user base and safeguard their data but also elevate their on-site experience. With options like facial scan for confirming payment and fingerprint analysis to log in to an application, industries can enhance customer experience. Ultimately, biometric security solutions streamline the overall functioning of digital industries. 

Restrictions for Imposter

Where industries are employing biometric identity verification solutions to validate users, fraudsters are also using sophisticated strategies. These help them dodge the identification checks and illegitimately onboard platforms. For instance, fraudsters use software such as 2D/3D masks to trick facial analysis. Similarly, they use voice changers to create fake pitches. The finding by CompariTech highlights that identity fraud complaints have risen by 5.1%. 

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Therefore, digital industries require efficient defense systems to restrict fraudsters’ access. The AI-driven biometric screening solutions verify customers in real-time which helps them, onboard legit clients. With its tools like faces, iris, voices, and signature scans, digital industries can add extra layers to the verification process.

Digital Customer Onboarding

Where customers visited offices physically for document verification, they can now do that while staying at home. Digital shifts are bringing various changes in industries’ operations while increasing other concerns such as identity fraud. Fraudsters use innovative techniques to bypass biometric ID verification. This helps them steer clear of every check and carry out illicit actions. 

This calls for more efficient biometric recognition solutions. They not only automate the customer intake but also streamline their identification. With solutions like facial verification, iris-retina scans, fingerprint analysis, liveness detection, and video recognitions, AI-based biometric screening solutions are taking over the IDV world. As per Shufti Pro News, fraudsters are cunningly smart in employing advanced technologies. This shows that industries also need to integrate effective digital onboarding solutions to restrict them prior to registration. 

Easy Integration and Advanced Security

While industries are on the verge of falling victim to fraudsters, AI-driven biometric security checks are safeguarding their operations. The system critically analyzes distinct behavioural and biological traits which provide the base for advanced security. Like other industries, travel is also reaping benefits from digital solutions by offering biometric passports. 

Similarly, governments are also seen in action to better fight identity fraud and manipulation of documents. For this, they provide citizens with a biometric ID card that has biological as well as behavioural details of citizens incorporated in form of a chip. Ultimately, Shufti Pro Funding indicates that AI-based biometric recognition services are the sure ways to reduce the rise in fraudulent access.

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Automated Identity Verification

In this digital era, manual methods are considered outdated due to their inefficacy in fighting fraudsters. With high chances of misinterpretations and human-related errors, traditional identity verification checks are losing their worth. Moreover, industries require online biometric recognition solutions to combat digital fraud types. Where manual verification takes long time spans, involves high operational costs, and provides doubtable results, AI-powered biometric screening services benefit industries otherwise.

They provide promising solutions like automated identity verification and ongoing monitoring of customers, digital biometric security solutions take the lead. They analyze distinct biological and behavioral traits of customers which are impossible to replicate. This helps industries draw a fine line between legit clients and fraudsters.

In Summation

As industries are going digital, the liability of incorporating better biometric recognition solutions is simultaneously rising. Fraudsters are bringing innovative measures to exploit industries’ operations. This helps them create security-related chaos which in one proves to be beneficial for fraudsters. On the other, this costs industries a fortune while experiencing an increase in customer drop-off. Therefore, digital onboarding and verification checks are a must-have for industries. Here, biometric security services are the all-in-one solutions for platforms. 

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