February 2, 2023
Becoming A Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer

Becoming A Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer

The mobile app industry is growing with each passing year. As per research, it is estimated that users spent almost USD$ 133 billion alone on mobile apps, and games, last year. It is a rise of 20% when compared to 2020. 

This exhibits that despite the slowdown in the mobile app industry due to a lack of certain components, people are more willing to download mobile apps and spend a good amount of time and money on them.

This translates into the creation and production of new mobile apps. A lot of investors have taken notice of the potential of the mobile app industry, and mobile apps and are also willing to put in more of their money. As a consequence, the demand for IT professionals, particularly Quality Assurance engineers, is rising.

Despite the robust nature of the mobile app development industry, there is a lack of mobile QA engineers and professionals

Despite the fact that all signs in the sky are pointing towards the rising popularity of mobile apps and the mobile app development industry, the quest for finding a tester specializing in testing and quality assurance of mobile apps is a difficult one.

These days, numerous myths exist that have been propagated by numerous articles and courses. They have misguided and misled a lot of testers, both beginners, moderately experienced and advanced experts alike. 

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Those who are deciding on spending money on numerous courses need to have a look at this post here. The quality assurance team from a well-known agency of mobile app development Dubai based in Palm Jumeirah has decided to take some time out to give worthwhile explanations.

What is the job of a Mobile QA Engineer like?

Along with ensuring the quality of products made, and working on processes and documentation, mobile QA engineers will be working on mobile devices, which are tablets, smartwatches, and of course, smartphones.

Familiarity with these devices is fundamental to their work. They need to know how to use a given device and often in unconventional ways. They should know what exactly is involved as it includes the device’s developer options which often will make their work quite easy.

These devices allow tech professionals to debug and install apps using either Xcode or Android Studio, track movements and limit the internet speed along with many other settings to make sure the app testing is a streamlined process.

Those who have knowledge of running such options on their device will be able to ace their interview. This is a valuable skill which will help them go ahead.

The desk will be loaded with numerous devices running on different kinds of operating systems

As everyone knows that there are two main operating systems for mobile devices namely Android and iOS, and the QA engineers will be working chiefly on them. Additionally, these operating systems will be having numerous versions which can be old and new.

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Tech graduates working in QA and QA professionals need to be aware of one fact. If they wish to cover as many test cases as they possibly can, they need to test apps on both mobile operating systems and their various versions too. At times, a minor update to either Android or iOS can break the app, resulting in the team fixing the bugs.

It is however quite a rare occurrence for an app to be developed for only one individual version of an operating system (mobile app development Dubai).

It is rare for an app to be made for only one operating system (and for only one version too). For this very reason and in the device market, not all customers have the latest smartphone. The team must ensure the app works on versions 9, 10, 11, and 12 of Android. It must also do the same for iOS too.

Testing mobile apps is not done by sitting on desks and tables

The term mobile app is going to have a likelihood of a literal meaning. In case a navigation app is being made, it will be tested by a QA professional traveling in a car, on a motorcycle, on a bus, train, or any other mode of transport. They need to see whether or not the app works properly.

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