February 5, 2023
are ball pythons good pets

Ball pythons are the most recognised and famous snakes of the whole world. Some people say it is easy to take care of the ball python and they are good pets but on the other hand, some say they are very difficult to handle and are very dangerous because of which they are not good pets at all. 

So, actually are ball pythons good pets? Can they be kept in the house with the family members? Or can they be a pet animal for people?

Many people ask these types of the questions from time to time. So, what exactly is the answer to the same. Do not worry! We are soon going to discuss the same. 

The ball pythons snake breed is known to be a very famous kind of the breed. They are also known to be the best and a very good beginner snakes initially. As they can easily be taken care of. Also the housing facilities provided to these particular breeds is also considered to be easy and convenient and also very simple to explain to the people.

No matter which particular pet you are going to keep in your house. Be it the dog, be it the cat, be it the rabbit, be it the rat, or even be it the snake. But all of them require and need a special kind of the care and love. Also, there are a few rules set, which we need to follow in order to keep pet animals with us at our homes. Also we need to check time on time that the animals are happy, as well with it they are also looking healthy. 

There are some of the major and top most biological facts also there for the ball pythons, which will certainly help a person in knowing whether are ball pythons good pets or not!

The following are some major facts and figures mentioned to know more about the are ball pythons good pets:

  1. Another name for the ball python is known to be royal python as well with it is also known as python regius.
  2. It has an ability of bounding tightly to its prey.
  3. They are also known to be the poisonous as well as a harmful snake breed of the world.
  4. Ball pythons are generally and very commonly found on the grasslands and also in the wooden areas where the greenery is on its peak. 
  5. However, this particular breed is the smallest of all the other African pythons in the world.
  6. Ball python can be grown to maximum 5 fts only and that too rarely but not more than that. 
  7. It has a very adult kind of the weight of the body, which can give you an answer for are ball pythons good pets.
  8. The general life span of the ball pythons is known to be somewhere around 20 to around 30 years in total. However, it might be a little varied. 
  9. The weight can be around somewhere around 1,360 gm to somewhere around 1,814 gm.
  10. It is originated or mainly come from African region. And this might help you in understanding are ball pythons good pets.
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are ball pythons good pets is can be confirmed by knowing that what is the behaviour of them with the human beings? Come let us know about the same.

  1. These are referred as somewhat a shy species of the world.
  2. They generally get frightened after seeing some human beings or even any kind of the rush all over. 
  3. They have a very strong as well with the same we can say that very dangerous kind of the upper jaw, which is considered to be harmful for the people.
  4. They like or they are comfortable in resting the hidden boxes under the ground layer as they otherwise will become somewhat stressed or frightened.
  5. They generally do not eat regularly. There can be a great and a big gap between the meals they take inside as the same can be very normal and general. However, just to cross verify a person should go for the check up in order to confirm the same.

What is the diet of the young ball pythons?

As already told earlier, it has been seen that these do not have any major or special kind of the diet plans. In fact, they can go without food or a diet plan for months and can still be active and more energetic. 

Still for your convenience and better understanding. Let us understand what is the diet of them?

  1. These generally eat small or baby rats as well with it the baby mice very happily.
  2. Even big sizes can be consumed of the same but the same should be at least the size in which the prey gets consumed and kept inside the body.
  3. They can even catch and eat their prey who are alive and can keep them inside their body as they have an ability of the same. 
  4. They can not live in the cage or locked doors for more than 2 to 3 months as they will start becoming arrogant and stressed. 
  5. Frozen items of any of the types are less or not suitable to them as they do not eat or consume the same in the bulk. 
  6. They will be requiring a clean bowl of the water every single day positively. 
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What all things do you need to take care for keeping a proper care of them while knowing are ball pythons good pets?

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Here are some big ideas to take care of them.

  1. In each and every 6 to 12 months you need to take them to the doctors and can do the proper physical examination in order to be sure about their safety and betterment. 
  2. They should be done with the inner mouth examination in order to be safe while they catch and eat alive prey.
  3. Veterinary injections should be there from time to time.

Here are some common problems through which you can understand are ball pythons good pets:

  • Respiratory infection
  • Prey-induced trauma
  • Anorexia
  • Infection of oral cavity
  • Retained shedding

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