February 3, 2023

It is a severe issue for you if you do not have the correct type of alt text for the images while you use them on the site. Finding creative alternatives to the image not available for the image ALT tag is necessary to use by SEO Canberra services.

The alt texts for the images are helpful for the search engines while they are equally vital for the visitors who are not robots. The inconsistencies in using these alt texts are common issues across several business sites across the Internet.

Continue to read to learn more about the alt texts and how you can fix them, making the site more search-engine friendly.

Two main reasons for using Alt Text

There are several perks associated with using the alt text of your site, as there are two prime reasons for doing so.

The following are a couple of massive reasons to use alt text:

1. Whenever you use images on your site, you use them for human readers. But, there is only a shortfall in using images in the search engines that cannot understand them. Whenever the search engines cannot know what the images are all about, they cannot help in bringing the traffic through the image searchers.

2. There are numerous human visitors to the site who can check out the images in a few circumstances while the images you are using the site are not visible to them.

Fixing the alt text for Images

Whenever you use a standard CMS content management system, such as WordPress, you are asked to insert the alt text for every image you upload.

It is standard practice across each content management system as soon as you upload a new image for the CMS, asking you to insert the alt text and title for the images.

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Whenever you use the customized content management system, it is more likely that the option is also there. Always ask your website developer for additional help if you are not finding the alt text option across the customized CMS.

The title’s image is the additional details about them. The title pops up whenever you hover over an image across the internet browsers such as Opera or Firefox.

The image for the alt text is the alternative information that is helpful for the human visitors and the crawlers for the search engine. Unlike the image title, the alt text describes the image for the search engines and human visitors who cannot check them out.

The image titles are attractive, concise, and unique. The image’s alt text is described whenever the image is all about otherwise. Furthermore, they have the main keyword naturally appearing in the alt text, which is helpful.

Things to know about Alt Texts

1. Alt Attributes are not replacing the text-based contents

These Alt texts describe the images for the search engines and human visitors who cannot check them out. However, these alt attributes are not replacing the text-based contents of the site.

For example, if you have a blog post that consists of images, you cannot depend on the alt attributes for high search engine rankings. These alt attributes are vital to search engine ranking facets as they do not have robust SEO signals.

Consequently, the blog posts consist of the images only while properly optimizing the alt attributes is not potent enough to offer your greater search engine rankings.

2. Alt Attributes are not just meant for SEO

As already discussed, the alt texts are helpful for crawlers across the search engines and human readers.

Several site owners and search engine optimizers believe that the title of the image is meant for human visitors and that the alt attributes for search engines

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are invalid.

But, the title of the image is not assistive for the search engines.

3. It is vital to perform keyword optimization for Alt Text

Like every other piece of content based on the text across the web, keyword optimization matters across the alt texts.

While jotting the alt texts for the images, you can follow two rules:

The importance of keyword optimization is vital here while using the primary and the keyword relevancy while helping to drive the targeted organic traffic for the image-related and search engine-related searches.

Like every text across the web, keyword stuffing in the alt attributes will lead to penalization by search engines. Therefore including the keywords naturally without stuffing them is just for them.

4. Every image does not involve the alt text

Alt texts are not necessary for a couple of image types. Mainly, images are divided into three varied categories:

·   Use active images in need of an action that is based on the image buttons or the links

·   Informative images inform the users about the thing, often complementing the blog post based on text.

·   The decorative image does not have a distinctive purpose, while the images are mainly for decorative uses.

·   The alt texts are vital for the initial categories, but you do not need them for the decorative images.

·   Empty alt text needs to get included under the decorative images while informing the text-to-speech or screen readers to ignore the image. However, you should note that the decorative images do not have alt attributes.


SEO Canberra services understand every vital thing about fixing the alt texts across every image while considering the image optimization of the site.

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