February 3, 2023

The electronic air regulator valve are the devices which are responsible for managing pressure in a pneumatic system or cylinder. The main function of the air pressure control tools is to maintain a constant outlet pressure set by the operator even if the internal pressure is not stable. You must know that the modern digital air pressure regulator equipment has tons of advantages over the manual regulators which were used in the past. The manual regulator could only bring pressure down in a stable internal pressure environment. Fluctuating pressure would make the regulator malfunction. In this post we have discussed some details about the air pressure regulator valve. 

Modern pumps and compressors would always deliver pressure or pulses on demand of the operator. You should know that in order to get accuracy and reliable pressure regulation you need to use the electronic air regulator valve equipment. The digital pressure regulator is a simple and very effective piece of equipment. They are quite better in their working as compared to the old mechanical valves. 

How does the electronic air regulator valve work?

The working function of the air regulator valves is quite interesting. You must know that these valves use both vent and fill valves with the help of which it maintains the outlet pressure to the set point set by the operator.  The digital regulator also uses a small sensor for monitoring the internal pressure inside the system. You can also find the digital controller which can adjust the flow of pressure coming out of the system. The transducer provides feedback from the control pressure regulator to the valve so that the output pressure doesn’t fluctuate. 

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How are electronic air regulator valve different from mechanical ones?

You must know that the digital equipment is quite better than the old devices which were used in the past. There are many benefits of using the electronic air pressure valve. Some of them have been discussed below here in this section. 

  • First you know that the design and structure of the regulator valves is very strong and robust that the mechanical valves. They have a service life of more than 30 years which is ten times more than that of mechanical devices.
  • You must also know that the electronic air regulator valve has a strong seal which ensures zero loss and leakages. You don’t have to worry about any repairs and fixes.
  • The best thing about the electronic air regulator valve is that it is surprisingly cheaper than the mechanical devices. The old devices are expensive and need regular updates which is why you need to get the new ones.
  • Another important difference between old regulators and electronic pressure control valve is that they are accurate. You don’t have to worry about any fluctuations in pressure management as long as you are using the digital devices.

There are many more advantages that you can see of the digital regulators over mechanical devices. You can know about them once you start using one!

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