February 2, 2023

If your bathroom is short on storage space, you might consider a recessed medicine cabinet that takes up a small room, looks nice, and can hold many things without taking up too much space. Especially useful if you share your bathroom with one or two people, a Surface mounted styles are attached to the wall and secured with studs. Recessed or semi-Recessed medicine cabinets may require a little more planning and installation time, but provide a cleaner look. set in a tight corner against the wall adds valuable shelf space.

Built into a wall deeper than standard cabinetry, these convenient, flexible units come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors and blend into the wall surface, so they don’t detract from an already small room. Many have mirrors on their doors that slide or snap to the right or left.

Installing these involves cutting a large hole through the drywall or plaster, and if you don’t know how to do it yourself, you’ll want to consult a professional about the installation. If you choose to DIY, make sure you are not going to cut any electrical or plumbing wires before cutting the hole. Try to align the installation so that it runs alongside a stud for extra support, and be sure to allow room for the tendon to fully open.

Whether your taste is traditional, rustic, modern or contemporary, there is a custom medicine cabinet mirror  that will make you happy, as well as the decor of your bathroom or powder room. That way, you can keep the look and feel of the room without having to redo everything.

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When you go shopping, be sure to measure your space carefully so you choose a recessed medicine cabinet that’s just right for you. Also, make sure you choose one that gives you the extra shelf space you need at a budget you can afford or at a discounted price.

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