February 3, 2023
live music in Houston

The peak of summer occurs in July! Travel for vacations is at its highest point; the weather is hot. There are many things to do in Houston for friends, couples, and families if someone wants to take a vacation or staycation. However, July is almost wrapping up, but you still have a chance to be part of fascinating events. Below you will explore upcoming events in Houston for the month of July. Apart from it, you will gather some interesting news and facts that encourage you to visit the city again and again. 


Do you adore scary things? If so, the Houston Horror Film Festival is the city’s most spooky location. You’ll watch some of your favorite scary movies and perhaps run into some new ones throughout the course of the weekend’s approximately 70 horror movies. There will also be over 100 exhibitors selling horror-related merchandise, special celebrity guests, Q&A panels, and more! Enjoy this eerie, frightening weekend with the other fans of horror films. There are tickets on hand.


The 6th Annual Houston Black Heritage Festival is coming up, which offers a weekend packed with cultural events that support diversity and cultural awareness. The events feature entertainers, speakers, artists, exhibitions, poets, and crafters. The entire weekend will feature cultural performances and live music in Houston. Visit Emancipation Park this weekend to participate in an exciting and welcoming celebration of African heritage.

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Dude Perfect was created in this manner, and they are now returning to H-Town as part of their second national tour. Fans will get to see the game closely on That’s Happy Summer Tour.  The team will bring the action right into the crowd with competitive battles, hilarious stunts, and  some of their funniest yet embarrassing stories. This fun event is suitable for all ages and is geared toward families. 

If you are curious to know about the events next month, then visit Eventsfy’s official website. You can also make the bookings online to ensure you are not ending up with filled seats. 

What Else About Houston

➤Wander Through the Houston Parks and Gardens

Discovering Houston’s many parks and gardens is one of the nicest things to do here. The option to wander, hike, bike, have a picnic, or simply relax and read is provided by these green places amidst the bustling city. 

Many of the parks have hiking paths that are great for an adventurous day out, and lakes, ponds, or creeks enhance the natural beauty of the landscape.

Additionally, many parks are appropriate for kids because they have play structures and specific sports fields. Sculptures, fountains, monuments, and memorials are found in Houston’s gardens, which are renowned for their historical significance.

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➤Have Fun at Miller Outdoor Theater

The Miller Outdoor Theater in Hermann Park is a performing arts venue where classical music, musical theater, ballet, jazz, classic movies, Shakespeare, and much more are performed. Attending shows at this 7.5-acre venue is completely free from March through November. 

The location holds a variety of festivals, and the Stories in Sound performance is targeted specifically at kids. Visitors also have the choice of purchasing the Miller Wine Basket. 

➤Delightful Donuts at Le Donut

Last but not least, Le Donut, a modest little store in the Med Center that serves up delectable, glazy sweetness, is like many good donut shops. The shop has huge fans who can’t get enough of the mouth-watering donuts. 

Along with events in Houston, make sure to explore the beauty of the city to enjoy, build memories, and have fun learning.

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