February 4, 2023
Interior House Painters in Melbourne

Painting jobs are exciting. After you decide to get your living room painted in the most expressive way comes the step where you have to choose wall colours and patterns to assign your wall the most exquisite look.
So, to assist you in choosing the right colours for the walls of your living room, here are some amazing colour inspirations from the expert interior house painters in Melbourne.

Go through the colour schemes we have combined for you and see which one appeals to you. To have the best results in terms of rich colour effect and fine finish, make sure you are engaging the reliable and reputed building painting Services in Melbourne.

With that being said, let’s hop on to the paint colours you can play with while giving your living room a lavish look.

1.  Say it with Teal

In most blogs and articles, you’ll notice the colour options starting from neutral and balanced tones, but here we vouch for Teal at the top of our list.

The soothing yet daring colour brilliantly accentuates all that you’ve to combine with it while providing a subtle yet hard-to-ignore backdrop. Whether you’ve to put together classic furniture, a gallery of art pieces or antique fixtures, it all blends incredibly well with a colour like teal.

You can either choose to apply it uniformly on all sides of the wall or may decide to highlight a specific wall with it while keeping the rest in either slightly dull tones or complete contrast of whites or creams.


2.  Pick Steel Grey to bring your bold side under the Spotlight

For the next option, we have ‘steel grey’ for all willing to experiment with a darker shade. Always remember that with the lighter tones, you can highlight the theme of your furniture and accessories, while it is the darker shades of the wall that brings out the best of the contrast.

By choosing a suitable contrast scheme of either pink or red, you’ll not only be able to get the right amount of attention on the walls and other items of your living room but would do the proper justice to the walls that do not always have to remain the ‘supporting’ theme of a living room.

Professional interior house painters in Melbourne suggest we wish to create a formal ambience; go for the English colours to create the exact theme.

3.  Don’t Underestimate the Subtlety of Cream

If you think we’re in for bold and formal tones only, hear it for this one! There’s nothing that can dim the impact of the colour – Cream. The subtle yet rich style of cream is something you can blindly go for if you wish to skip on the experimentation part.

Also, it will be the perfect fit for all the arrangements you’ve to make in your living room. For the premium shades of cream and to have it delicately applied on your walls, consult the best building painting services in Melbourne. And once you have it in the perfect order and texture, you’ll never regret the decision of going for this aristocratic colour – that’s enjoying a royal status for generations.

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4.  Playing safe with Lavender

If you are someone who’s assuming to pick a colour choice between the bold ‘teal’ and charming ‘cream’, ‘lavender’ it is that’ll let you enjoy the best of both worlds. ‘Lilac’, as we call it, signifies purity and innocence. And having it on your wall colour projects all that onto your wall where you are free to do the customisation of your choice.

Whether you’d like to pair it with a contrasting arrangement or keep it delicate with a golden theme, it’s up to you to set the tone as per your liking and preference. Also, expert building painting services in Melbourne can open up a variety of textures you can combine with it to create a dynamic look from this wall colour.

Final Thoughts

Know that there’s no good or bad colour scheme; it depends on how a specific wall colour brings out a certain expression. Based on your colour and texture preferences, you can try and experiment and have the walls painted in the colours of your choice to inspire your living. Still, if you find it difficult to choose a specific shade, you can always rely on the expert advice of interior house painters in Melbourne.

And to ensure that the professionals bring the fine equipment and expertise to get the job done, hire only the experienced building painting Services in Melbourne. And one such name that stands prominent for this job is Blue Sky Coatings, which makes sure you get the best service in town. Give them a call, and they’ll reach your doorstep to provide you with the best-in-class paint services.

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