February 3, 2023

Not all employees who are hired are perfect. Everyone has their own personality, which can sometimes be detrimental to the company that hired them. However, as an employer, you can help turn these employees’ flaws into strengths in a number of ways. Let’s see what can be done with each type of employee…

The Disastrous

These are the ones who are always disorganized, overwhelmed and disheveled. They are usually passive in the way they work, and are incredibly resistant to change (usually because they finally got used to doing something a certain way, and now they change their signs).You can help these managing employees by providing additional training, implementing a development plan, and providing assistance. This will help them understand what is expected of them and how they can improve, as well as teach them ways they can be successful.

the loafer

He’s unmotivated, and he can’t see a reason to go the extra mile. He likes absenteeism, usually does not meet deadlines or take assigned tasks seriously. These people tend to think that their job is theirs, regardless of their performance, and no one can fire them. This behavior can be remedied by giving clear explanations of what is expected of them, providing frequent unplanned supervision, and rewarding them when they go the extra mile. The Slacker often improves his performance by feeling valued by the company.

the martyr

The Martyr is over-motivated and tends to have too much initiative. But he feels that he always does what is best for the company and they do it by themselves without anyone’s help, and in doing so he underestimates the abilities of his colleagues and burns himself out in the process. Supervisors can manage these types of employees by forcing them to delegate responsibilities, encouraging them to back off to make room for their team, and asking for team goals rather than individual goals.

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 The Sociable

Every business has its social butterfly that wastes countless hours a year chatting by the water cooler or coffee dispenser. These people take advantage of work, in an immature and unprofessional manner, often distracting diligent workers from completing their jobs on time.Managers can prevent this behavior by setting times for leisure times (such as lunch) and being clear about what is and is not appropriate in the workplace. Supervisors can take advantage of the sociability of these outgoing employees to provide them with opportunities to communicate with business customers.

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