February 4, 2023

We live in a world where social media has taken over everyone’s lives. It has made up depend on it for everything, from scrolling to pass some time to uploading out day-to-day activities. However, with the popularity of social media, businesses and entrepreneurs are also using it to showcase their services and products.

The users can let the world knows about their talents such as photography, art, travel, poems, stories, and content. It is like a dream come true if one puts the right strategy in place and starts the work.

Currently, it is becoming the most popular job for people using it to share their experiences and inspire others. Now, we have several influencers motivating people across the globe while sitting at a single place or maybe traveling.

However, travel content creators have different ways of moving up with snow-capped mountains, sandy beaches, creepy museums, and romantic getaways. They can hook the audience with fantastic scenarios and maybe a short review about them that can bring a whole new difference.

Here are some of the most popular travel content creators helping the audience get their bags packed to explore the world.

#1 Sam Kolder

With dreamy and glittery locations, Sam Kolder is ruling the market with his redefined post-production and cinematography skills. Sam Kolder has the born talent that can help the audience experience and feel in that location. He honed skills that bring the real location to you that is set in the unique locations. All his photographs aim to tell a story putting some light on the curiosity about the place or food.

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He has also collaborated with the artists like Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall duo and The Chainsmokers, managing the videos to the music. So, if you want to experience the world creatively, he is your best stop.

#2 Cacinda Maloney

Doctor-turned-travel-expert Cacinda Maloney is all about hats and travel locations. She operates a lifestyle and travel blog and is a brand ambassador who knows the difference between expensive and pocket-friendly travel. In her blogs, Maloney has documented several luxurious places, culture, and adventures.

She also posted amazing travel pictures with good descriptions to showcase the captured moment. Cacinda Maloney’s Facebook page is also hooking with attention-grabbing images, blog posts, links to recipes, and itineraries that can help other travellers to follow.

#3 Daniel Kordan

Daniel Kordan is not just a traveller who loves creating content and images about his travel locations. He is a physicist turned photographer with the talent to bring the art and knowledge to the audience without messing anything up. Kordan is getting the raw places to live in their natural habitat.

He explores the destination as never felt before, bringing raw magic to everyone with his creative, imaginative, and new light ideas. Daniel understands the creation around the place and its significance that he also put up in his photography. He has combined science and photography, giving us a remarkable series of the Swirling star trails.

#4 Emily Inson

Emily Inson has become the name who advocates for people and does what makes her happy. She offers body-positive content and is a social media manager on her self-discovery journey. Along with this, Emily has a camper van that allows her to travel with her sidekick (dog) throughout North America.

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Emily’s fantastic personality is well-portrait in all her videos on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. She showcases her real life in the videos while travelling across North America. Along with it, she has also collaborated with others lie Airbnb.

#5 Kirsten Alana

If you understand the storytelling scenario, Kirsten Alana is your best chance to enjoy it. Alana loves to work with her new ideologies, capture destinations, and give motivation to the audience about the places in her way. She has featured some fantastic brands on her list, topping up her creativity.

Kirsten Alana is one of her kind who can capture true beauty with a few clicks. Her audience also appreciates all her hard work and different thought process, making them look at a new picture.


Here are some of the most popular travel content creators you can enjoy while surfing the web. The best thing is that they may motivate you to follow your passion and travel.

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