February 3, 2023
Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

The Milpitas Spine Center takes care of your health and provides you the best treatment for Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches in Milpitas. A good health is necessary for a balanced life. So we provide the best treatment by highly professional doctors.

1.Chiropractic Care, Spine Rehabilitation

The spine is the main functionary organ of the body. If the spine collapses, the well-being and even life of a person becomes uncertain.

There is a reason spine has a figurative significance in literature, because it has a literal significance. In case of any damage, spine rehabilitation is not only difficult but sometimes impossible too.

Sitting in one place for the whole day long can damage the spine. The spine requires flexibility and everyone should be able to move the spine freely. The structure of the spine is such that it can remain flexible on its own.

However, modern work style and lifestyle can have a grave toll on the health of the spine. If it remains in one position for a long time, the spine can lose its flexibility because the spine disks can lose the protective layer between them. In the absence of this cushion or layer, the disks rub against one another which compromises spine flexibility.

Excess sitting in one posture can also affect body alignment. This is not just bad for the health of the spine but the overall well-being of a person.

In this blog, we have discussed 5 health issues related to sitting in the same place for the whole day. In the latter section, we have discussed measures to avoid these health issues.

2.Bad Posture, Slouchy Back

The most evident sign of sitting in an unnatural posture is the development of slouching. As someone sits in one posture continuously for the whole day, the body adapts to that posture, no matter how unnatural that is.

An effort to adapt to bad posture causes stiffness in muscles. Over a certain period, the stiffness in muscles starts minimizing as the body develops immunity to bad posture. If it remains untreated or uncorrected, then a slouch can appear as a sign of adaptability to the unnatural posture.

The slouch is unappealing in appearance. Furthermore, it can lead to serious health issues such as kyphosis, joint problems, and poor blood circulation. Chiropractic Care can help spine rehabilitation because it reverses the impact of prolonged sitting in one posture.

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3.Deterioration of muscles

The weight of the body is balanced and supported by the lower body i-e hips. These muscles maintain their health if they remain functional. Sitting in one positing for the whole day can cause muscular atrophy to the extent that these muscles can’t support the body organ they belong to.

Also, muscles need nutrients to remain healthy. Sitting in one position affects blood circulation which prevents these muscles from receiving the required diet. As a result, these muscles weaken over some time.

Furthermore, prolonged sitting can put a lot of stress on the hip bone because it becomes the pivot of the whole body. To put it under continuous stress can lead to disorders in the hipbone. To ensure the health and functioning of these muscles, one should not sit in the same position for long hours.

4.Stress on nerves/ nerve compression

An uncomfortable or unnatural posture puts a lot of strain on involved nerves and muscles. A prolonged sitting in such a position compresses the nerves. Stress on nerves is not only painful in itself but it can trigger other medical issues. These include pain in the neck, strained back, sciatica, and other nerve-related ailments.

If bad posture prolongs for a considerable period, the nerves can damage permanently. The result of the damaged nerve can be acute or chronic pain, numbness, dysfunctional limbs, complete loss of sensation, and various such issues.

5. Pain in the thorax

The thorax is the house of important organs. Bad posture can put a lot of pressure and stress on the thoracic area. Continuous and prolonged bad posture can lead to thoracic pain and various other health issues in people.

The thoracic area has a complex anatomy, while it contains essential organs such as the lungs and heart. These delicate organs are protected inside the rib cage. Sitting in a chair in an awkward posture can damage the structure of the ribcage, which can further cause an issue in precious organs.

For example, stress on the ribs which protect the lungs can cause breathing problems.

6.Weight gain

Well, this one goes without saying. An inactive lifestyle is a major reason behind weight gain. A problem in itself, there are various health issues related to weight gain.

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Sitting in one place for long hours results in fat accumulation in the thoracic area and lumbar region. In the previous section, we have seen how a problem in the thoracic region triggers health issues in essential organs and the main functions of the body.

Health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, or high blood-pressure target obese people. But other than these issues, weight gain can cause joint pain and structural misalignments.

7.How to Avoid These Issues

The abovementioned health issues are offshoots of a poor lifestyle and bad working habits. Excess to anything is bad. The natural posture of the body is erect, the position while one stands.

If this is compromised, and someone adopts an unnatural posture for the whole day over a considerable period, then the health of that individual will suffer significantly.

You can adopt some measures to counter the damage done by prolonged sitting in one place.

Take small breaks to break off from the posture. These 2-3 minutes will prevent muscles from locking and developing stiffness.

If your work nature is such that you have to sit in the chair for the whole day, then get an ergonomic friend chair with lumbar support. To make it more effective, buy a desk that complements it.

You should also bring some changes in your sleeping posture. Make sure to get the right kind of mattress. A chiropractor can tell you the right posture for sleeping. He might suggest adding more pillows or cushions for specific support to troubled body parts.

The best thing to do is to consult a Fremont Chiropractor. With professional chiropractic care, you can reverse the damage done to your body during working hours. Even if your work routine does not involve sitting for the whole day, chiropractic care can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A professional will guide you on the right exercises you should do in small breaks during work, the diet you should eat, the right posture for sleeping, and other habits you should adopt as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Milpitas Spine offers professional chiropractic care in California. To know more about Milpitas Spine, or to know the service charges, visit the website here or talk to our representative.

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